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little bit of everything!

July 31, 2008

The JFK remix of D.I.M’s ‘is you’ will help you wake up in the morning!


the new osborne album has some really nice house.


surtek collective!





July 30, 2008

free dancehall album ova here


busta and bangladesh

July 29, 2008

i  stumbled across the ‘i got bass’ track a while back and was going to keep it to myself but now i realize there is a bit of a story here so figured i would share.  

busta rhymes – i got bass

although i still hate most of his music, busta rhymes has really grown on me over the years.  i remember the first time i heard him was when i was 12 on a method man cd mike had.  he scared me, actually that whole cd kinda scared me.  why is he yelling so much?  but then over the years i grew to appreciate his out-of step character.  he always had crazy videos on much music and his beats were always a little odd. the first track i really jumped on was ‘light your ass on fire’, the one he did with pharell.


anyways, when i came across ‘i got bass’ it was the same thought… man what a crazy beat! so who made the beat?  i found out just a minute ago.  guy’s name is bangladesh.  turns out this is also the man behind probably one of the biggest club tunes out now – lil wayne’s ‘a milli’.  and he also did MIA’s ‘hit that’.  nice one!!  

lil wayne – a milli

mia -hit that

a milli – instrumental

also, apparently bangladesh sent ‘a milli’ to busta a year ago but he passed on it. 

i hate lil wayne’s rapping on ‘a milli’ but you can’t deny the appeal of the beat.  when crookers were in calgary, they started their set off with the instrumental.  it was hype!

and like most popular songs out now there have been plenty of remixes.  ghislain poirier and jay z do the best ones

jay z – a billi



It’s Summer Lets Dance!

July 24, 2008

This track is so beautiful, makes me want to put on a straw fedora, silk shirt, and linen pants and walk down to the beach!

pacha massive-dont let go

lets go!

let's go!


Matt dances krump

July 24, 2008

Check out twitch’s move at the start of the dance, he does matt’s reload! Nice work matt, someone also needs to find that song so Cam can play it at Neil’s wedding!




July 24, 2008

dark road. fast car. her head asleep on the window.

Night Drive With U – Anoraak



July 24, 2008

take me to the nearest slow-fast-slow balkan wedding party on the dalmatian coast.

Shantel – Ciganka Medley

Slonovski Bal – Hocemo Li U Sabac