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happy halloween all

October 31, 2008

48 minutes for donkey

October 30, 2008

vinyl motion

for whatever reason after watching ol’ william jefferson clinton whip up a crowd in florida last night i felt like playing a few records before retiring. 

albeit sloppy in some parts (really? what dj isn’t unplanned), this one plays with a sizzling sizzla start, debuts a blazin ghis rework, has fun with rnb bassline, sprinkles choice letanque contributions throughout and finishes with woofer busting kiddy rap.  chew on it


DØD for 46.00

October 28, 2008

this is them doing something for a longer period of time,

things get very un-pc (yet heavy) at 5:07

and its all excused by the polka at the 22 min mark

Unga Bunga Westside


requiem for a service

October 28, 2008

le.tanque has supported jungle/gospel hybrids in the past and we will continue to support them in the future.

mostly because most of us are looking for some continuity in this mad mad world and finding it in the most unlikely places…


lion rise

October 27, 2008
karl marx stadt
natty ruler

who needs caffeine on a monday morning when there are songs like this to rattle you awake  🙂


for the peeps in Van

October 25, 2008

I stumbled across this song and noticed that Passion Pit is playing at the Commodore this Tuesday…might be worth checking out?


the least boring experimental you have ever heard

October 21, 2008