arctic outskirts of house

November 22, 2008

Luomo’s new album does not disappoint. Still makes me want to frolic among the reindeer in the arctic tundra. It’s a cold sound. It’s a silver ice sound. It’s a keep moving-cos-it’s-fucking-cold-so-shake-your-ass sound. It’s all about crossing the boundaries of house. This ain’t no boring 4-4 drivel. And, the vocals are epic. As big as the open nordic skies. Always. Check ’em out:




  1. Absofuckinglutely great, D!

  2. mmmm luomo = bliss. tks di!

  3. love this, I had to get the album!

  4. I agree, and prefer the real thing. The tundra is amazing, sonically inspiring. A source of musical spirit, which then translates to creative iteration.

  5. This picture is amazing it shows what the tundra truely is about.

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