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why dubstep and hooping is cool

December 24, 2008

M’s Top Ten Albums of 2008

December 13, 2008

portishead1. Portishead – Third

Geoff Barrows’ devotion to the art of production is without peer. He will labor for weeks over the sound of static and then warp it into the most punishing beats that make u think ur headphones are busted. And Beth Gibbons, well she is among the top 3 singers of all time, probably right below Billy. And look at a Portishead review that didn’t use the word “haunting.”

luomo2. Luomo – Convivial

Any year that includes a new Luomo album will pretty much guarantee an entry on my top ten. Each album takes off right where the last one left off and always sounds ten times more awesome than anything else going on at the moment. Nordic house at its finest. Goes well with a a crisp glass of white.

stereotyp3. Stereotyp – Keepin Me

I know this album is more than 2 years old, but I just discovered it this year so that counts. And if you’ve heard it you know I would be remiss not to mention it. A seamless mix of dub, soul, and staccato beats.  The man is a genius.

santogold4. Santogold – Santogold

This album made my summer. She came along at just the right time and made everything fresh again. The album released new favorites into my headphones at the rate of about one per week. It started off with Shove It and the love affair ended with Unstoppable about 2 months later. You can’t ask for anything more from an album.

sebastian25. Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality

I get alot of flack when i play this album. Truth is there is no better album for making a dingy bar seem really fucking cool. Try it, i dare u. It gets bonus points for being the only actual physical CD i bought this year. It gets demerits because it was purchased at American Apparel. Or maybe I get demerits for even being in the store.

shantel6. Shantel – Disko Partizani

Ok so also technically not released in 2008. But if you haven’t danced around your house in your underwear while pretending to be a cheesy Russian sleeze gangster while listening to this album, then well you just haven’t lived life.

lulu7. Lulu Rouge – Bless You

If you had your Trentemoller jones on this album more than satisfies. It helps that he used to be in the band. Deep sublime minimal techno bliss.

hercules18. Hercules and Love Affair

This album made me question my sexuality. It also had its fair share of haters. This wasn’t nu-disco folks, it was pure beauty. Antony’s voice makes my skin crawl.

milosh9. Milosh – iii

A new artist for me this year. This album filled a void in the folk-electro void. Great lyrics that float from speaker to speaker, subtle beats that pop out all over the place,  + romantic as all get out.

m8310. M83 – saturdays = youth

Anyone who does to synth beats what my bloody valentine did to guitars all while channeling the angst of the john hughes’s 80s, deserves to be on anybodies top ten. nice work.

honorable mention: apparat – walls; dust & blackdown – margins music;  flying lotus – los angeles; chase & status – more than alot; q-tip – the renaissance


monkey kiss

December 13, 2008


 happy saturday people,  here are a couple new modeselektor remixes.

whoa!  the rustie remix is some lopsided bleepy bloopy wobble. 


thud!  and the hiddensee remix is sweet sweet raw techno. 




December 13, 2008

economist just ran a piece on the possibility of all this yotube crap blowing the bandwith of our dear little cyberworld. so while the gettin’s good we got video’s yo!

follow the little red ball

“Panik” Far & Son Musicvideo from Finsta on Vimeo.

oh dizzy you …

take it off? f*%k no my t-shirt tells other people who i am

Blänk ft. Young Ivy “Shirt Off” OFFICIAL VIDEO from Klas Granström on Vimeo.


Check Yum Yummy i’ll raise you Chase & Status – Saxon

December 13, 2008

calgary product rumbles swedish dancefloors

December 11, 2008

calgary to the world’s dancefloors, smalltowndjs vs. jon delerious.    ??  hmm… well as far as i know one works at the local electronics store and djs locally, the other owns a club and djs worldwide…   ok smalltown wins this one, but delerious is still far superior on the production front.  compare for yourself….  here is smalltowndjs’ strike a badman (internet rmx) into jon delerious’ dedication from his 2004 LP No Warning,  released by vancity imprint nordictrax .



grime yum yummy

December 11, 2008