December 13, 2008

economist just ran a piece on the possibility of all this yotube crap blowing the bandwith of our dear little cyberworld. so while the gettin’s good we got video’s yo!

follow the little red ball

“Panik” Far & Son Musicvideo from Finsta on Vimeo.

oh dizzy you …

take it off? f*%k no my t-shirt tells other people who i am

Blänk ft. Young Ivy “Shirt Off” OFFICIAL VIDEO from Klas Granström on Vimeo.


  1. “exaflood”, sounds like Metcalfe’s “gigalapses” to me… hope we’re going to have to put these words into a blender with some water and eat the resulting pulp with a spoon 🙂

    ( just because this was too easy)

  2. paaaaaaaanik

    nice one

  3. So, obviously that Panik vid kills it. But damn you for getting that Dizzy Rascal ditty in my head. That part … you know the one … plays over and over in my mind all day long.

  4. in hindsight i probably should have included this video:

    seriously wtf?

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