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heard it first in Cambodia

January 31, 2009


not sure if I totally missed the ball on this one

but I heard this Dark Matter compelation in  Asia

 and I am bringing it home.

1. Rekordah & Tekblazer – Milenna
2. DJ Shnyde – Swallow
3. Distinct – Violence
4. Pure( – It’s inside the rizzla
5. Matt Green – Moment of Clarity, remix
6. D-Program – Cali Love
7. Pinch – One Blood, One Source ft. Rudey Lee
8. Subeena – D.I.G.
9. Dot – Fire Red
10. Sollabong – Human Trade
11. Sollabong – Fight and Destroy
12. Paradigm X – Whatever
13. Slazenger – Fistfight Nightz
14. Slazenger – 8 Ball, Dutty Dubz remix
15. Whiteboi – Numb
16. Whiteboi – Lotus
17. Whiteboi – Corruption
18. Whiteboi – Arise
19. King Cannibal – A Hundred Eyes Closed
20. King Cannibal – Call me Mr Cold Blooded


Taz Buckfaster

January 28, 2009

People have been asking about the tracks in le.tanque radio #3 by taz buckfaster. . .here they are.  Check out this guy


brand new music to me (I must be behind) but I think it’s gold! it’s that mid level wobble sound at it’s best (wubstep?)  His myspace says he is from Glascow and is friends with Starkey. . .works for me!

buy it here!




The Whitest Boy Alive

January 27, 2009

Erlend Oye is back!  The Whitest Boy Alive has a new album coming out (March 09?).  This is not my typical post so don’t hate me.  The Whitest Boy Alive as been out since the early to mid 00’s and is a live touring indie/electronica band.  Here is a song I snagged off of their upcoming album (Rules).

Nice tuesday morning happy/pop dance!



le.tanque radio 3

January 25, 2009


le.tanque radio 3

camstyles (turbo 33rpm mashup) – bassfinder vs. proxy
mike slott (flunky)
lukid (time doing so mean)
hudson mohawke (ooops)
camstyles (rredggold) – flexisonic remix
fool (drama) rustie remix
elewedu of agewe (thank you, god)
a r rahman (ringa ringa)
taz buckfaster (murda skank)
TC  (where’s my money) flexisonic bhangra remix
kode 9 (bad)
joker & rustie (play doe)
taz buckfaster (quack)
moves!! (all skate)
mustard pimp (gold)
matthew dear (hammers)
duke dumont (lean & bounce)
proxy (shit your rack)
gooseflesh (blow up)
LMFAO (i’m in miami bitch – scottie b remix)
trus’me (good god)
luckism (shoot dem’ soundboi – mikix the cat remix)
camstyles (dinos intro)


Mochipet and Demarco!

January 23, 2009

here are some totally different sounds that have inspired me over the last week.

Mochipet is like the new kid kola with an edge. plus who doesn’t love a guy that always wears a purple dino costume. check out the chris de luca remix of his hit get your whistle wet.


The vocoder is really making a huge come back which is welcome by me outside of t-pain 😉 I really enjoy what demarco has been doing… check him out:



wayne bass

January 14, 2009


lil wayne ft. pharrell – yes


starkey – ephemeral exhibits

January 14, 2009


this one album has been on loop since I bought (*gasp) it before the new year.  I even went out of my way (time zone) to purchase this on vinyl.  all I can say is – Starkey rules.  american dubstep, street bass, philly whatever. . .I am always impressed.  definately on the list of top producers, and for sure on the list of ‘to-see’ acts.

anyways, enough hype.  check out this track, it is number 1


buy it somewhere (