heard it first in Cambodia

January 31, 2009


not sure if I totally missed the ball on this one

but I heard this Dark Matter compelation in  Asia

 and I am bringing it home.

1. Rekordah & Tekblazer – Milenna
2. DJ Shnyde – Swallow
3. Distinct – Violence
4. Pure(myspace.com/digitalpure) – It’s inside the rizzla
5. Matt Green – Moment of Clarity, remix
6. D-Program – Cali Love
7. Pinch – One Blood, One Source ft. Rudey Lee
8. Subeena – D.I.G.
9. Dot – Fire Red
10. Sollabong – Human Trade
11. Sollabong – Fight and Destroy
12. Paradigm X – Whatever
13. Slazenger – Fistfight Nightz
14. Slazenger – 8 Ball, Dutty Dubz remix
15. Whiteboi – Numb
16. Whiteboi – Lotus
17. Whiteboi – Corruption
18. Whiteboi – Arise
19. King Cannibal – A Hundred Eyes Closed
20. King Cannibal – Call me Mr Cold Blooded



  1. cool mix carrie. mmm hard dubstep and eggs for breakfast, great!

  2. for some reason cambodia is a freaking great place for music. backpacker fucking techno bliss. had drinks with the ma at a place called laundry in siem reap and modeslektor was on the menu.

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