dark glitch-ridden soundscapes

February 22, 2009

desertWhile their latest album isn’t quite so hot-off-the-presses anymore – Immolate Yourself was released in January – it’s still making obsessively regular appearances in my daily music rotation.

This album kills me. At times painfully beautiful, it pops and drones in a dreamy haze of sound. With a slight nod to shoegaze and hints of – dare I say it – IDM, it sucks you into an otherworld of shadowy ambient pop. It feels like the open road, a barren desert, long trips on a rural train. But it’s also warm, epic, and urban.

“Helen of Troy” and “You Are The Worst Thing In The World” are two of my faves. As is this one:


Tragically, one of the members of this talented duo died the same month this album was released. Charles Cooper will be missed.


  1. Great track! It was nice to have a new tune to listen to here. Unfortunately, I had an undiscovered glitch in my music library, and I had A LOT less music with me than I had originally thought!

  2. cool. i’ve seen this name since way back but never tuned in. thanks for the track! its been on repeat going on 20

  3. glad you like it, matt. you gotta check out the whole album. cos this track ain’t even the best on offer.

  4. i try to stay away from being maybe. i really do. but damn if it just isnt a hard habit to break.

    similar to claire ive been musically destitute after my old mac ate the music and didnt give anything in return to my new ipod.

  5. Claire: I’m so glad I could help you get some new tunes. You owe me an email, dude! I wanna hear all about Botswana. Happy listening!

    Michael: As if the title isn’t the best part of that track. You can see how it would appeal to me. Enjoy the new track.

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