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what is blap?

February 11, 2009

whatever it is or is not, its associated artists are highly recommended

go here for an interesting article about the emerging genre.

i’ve been hearing lots about these guys lately,  and today finally tuned in to  the buzz (thanks john).  check em out

Lazer Sword


they are from san fran and sport greasy lip warmers!  oh ya 

lean wit it -lazer sword turbo taxin remix

also check out their new blap to the future  mix on the xlr8r podcast


Big year for old friends!

February 8, 2009

Our old friends junior boys and royksopp are coming out with new albums this year! The Royksopp album is called: ‘junior’ and the junior boys album is called ‘begone dull care’. Both albums are due out on March 23, 2009 so watch for them!

Both of there singles are out, so I thought I would share them…

we are so emo

we are so emo


grey is the new black

grey is the new black

here is the boys noize remix of the first single happy up here



Detroit vs. Miami

February 6, 2009

I’m in Miami B*tch!  Catchy remake of the ever so popular (annoying?) put your hands up for Detroit.  LMFAO does a spinoff version (I’m in Miami B*tch!)  Here’s the Scottie B remix of the remix for your listening pleasure.  I couldn’t help but post this after watching some Dexter.  Pop music after watching a pop show. . .I should be banned from posting for a week.

miami vs. detroit




February 3, 2009

So first post here we go…..

 not sure if you guys have seen this or not but Burial has shown his face to the world VIA myspace check out the article

My bad if this has already been posted or a litle behind

BIG UP!!!!!!!!!


The Count saves Lily Allen from the Fear remix

February 2, 2009

Thisimages  is nothing but Hot!