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Something Special

March 30, 2009




fever ray

March 27, 2009

fever-rayanyone else been missing this voice? damn twisted bliss.

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up (lissvik remix)



March 27, 2009


the new album by MSTRKRFT has just dropped.  i’m not really feeling most of the tracks, but the song with tony starks is good.  cool cover too!

mstrkrft – wordup ft. ghostfacekillah

want a second opinion?  read on

It’s been about 3 years since JFK and AL-P dropped “The Looks,” an album that played a major part blowing up the big electro-house sound. “Fist Of God” is the sophomore effort and from the first few distorted synth notes of the opening track “It Ain’t Love(1),” you can already tell you’re in for… hype shit to make the kids go crazy! The sound really reminds me of a Canadian Justice (and I mean that in the best possible way) with all its over-the-top synths, distorted guitar , and face-smashing drum programming, all of which you will find throughout the entire album. Interestingly enough though, the duo recruits a variety of vocal talent to add to the sound (like Lil Mo’ on that first track). From the thizzed-out hyphy slang of E-40 on “Click Click(2),” chopped up Ghostface Killah vox on “Word Up(3),” party hooks galore by NORE on the single “Bounce(4),” and even some neo-soul meets electro with John Legend on “Heartbreaker (5),” the two are bringing back vocals to the mix. I remember someone saying on the blog that the new shit is gonna be these big dance producers collaborating with vocal talent and well, here it is. Don’t forget to check the purely instrumental jams “1,000 Cigarettes(6)” and the title track(7) if you really wanna blow the lid off the arena. 11 tracks total.


whiteboy dunk

March 27, 2009

more bassline

March 26, 2009





full disclosure

March 26, 2009


as much as i’m excited about the new ‘funky’ sound, i’m of course still a big fan of dubstep with the mid-range talking fart machine. 

for example:  caspa-lions roar


funky… dubstep minus the mid-range ‘talking fart machine’

March 26, 2009

what is funky?  another dubstep subgenre? a new style of uk house music? or just broken beat in disguise?  well whatever it is i’m lovin’ it.  check out what the guardian has to say about it.

here are a few selections…


kode 9 – 2bad



low – moment of truth



darkus beat company – promises (roska remix)