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positivity and mavado

April 30, 2009

This album has been on heavy rotation in my office this week, it’s so freaking hot and I love the lyrics. It’s awesome in these depressing times to hear some uplifting songs.

mavado hails from Kingston, Jamaica check out his myspace page:

crank your sound for overcome!


I know I look like Omar

I know I look like Omar


Jose James

April 24, 2009


This week is all about voices, a silky smooth female pop voice from Pollyn and now a warm rich baritone from Jose James. Having supersaturated myself with in-your-face dubstep and dance music lately, it has been nice to step back and let jazz records take a spin.  So let me introduce Jose James, “The New Soul Singer for the Hip-Hop generation”.  

I heard Jose James first when I bought one of his 12″s a while back on a whim after seeing Flying Lotus in the production credits.  I was surprised, but pleasantly so, when I got the record to find out it was a soul jazz record rather than the usual leftfield beats I had come to expect from FlyLo production.  Having forgotten about this record I was pleased when I found it the other day and have been enjoying it all week.

His music is modern jazz with a hat tip towards hip hop and soul.  Love starts off with nothing but lovely rhodes and his whispering voice before fast drums and standup bass kick in to complete the sound.  Visions of Violet (produced by Flying Lotus) is more of a soul track with horns and melody breakdowns, the lyrics coaxing you to enjoy the night.  I played this track at Art-Life in December and it went over really well.

Jose James has done work with Jazzanova, Jazzy Sport, and Simbad amongst others and is signed to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings (go figure).  His full length The Dreamer was put out last January and you can buy it here.  Also, if you like, a couple more tracks can be found on hypem, including the track with Jazzanova.  

So the next time you’re cooking a nice meal or trying to impress, pour yourself a glass of red and let these tracks play out. Enjoy! 

Jose James – Love
Jose James – Visions of Violet



synth pop

April 18, 2009


pollyn – gave it up

a beautifully pink/melancholy blue pop song here from LA based trio pollyn.   if you like sade or tracy thorn you will like this voice! Genevieve Artadi is soothing and sexy and on gave it up, her multi tracked voice dances along overtop wonderfully simple sythn pop.  smiles ensue.  other tracks on the album echo massive attack or portishead but maybe that’s where comparisons should end.  their debut full length this little night has just been released…  listen 



dark way of the samurai

April 16, 2009


the latest from le.tanque’s friends on the other side of the ocean. theoretics are building up to their first ep and that psy-dub sound won’t fail to give the old earphones a late-nite work out. ‘dark way of the samurai’ features a whacked out joe rogan sample that just might change the way you sleep.

Dark Way of the Samurai – Theoretics


for matt?

April 14, 2009

Big club banger in Miami this year for all you dance music lovers out there !



This song was also playing when Flexisonic made their debut with BBC.



April 11, 2009


apparat + modeselektor = moderat



Feed the Horse (dubstep remix)

April 10, 2009


for Diana: I never got this song out of my head since you first posted it! I came across this track on another blog and thought of you. . .