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power spirit

May 30, 2009

i have been itching to post something metal recently. while isis has been getting a lot of love from pitchfork recently, i thought this vid from children was of superior cheese.


spring smells like solvent

May 28, 2009


another spring, another season on alberta’s back roads visiting gas plants and abandoned leases,… rolling around in big trucks listening to rap.  i’ve been in the foothills NW of calgary this week with the 09 F-150.  i’m not a big fan of the exterior which i have no idea why they had to redesign, but the interior with the integrated satellite radio controls and display is cool.  and so, this being my circumstance i’ve been tuned to sirius all week, howard stern ridiculousness and the best of new US hip hop.  here are some highlights that boom in the truck.

Busta Rhymes – Respect My Conglomerate (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss) [prod. by Focus, Dr. Dre]

G-Unit – Let It Go f. Mavado

and some catchy auto-tune from drake (“you the fucking best, you the fucking best, you the fucking best, the best i ever had…”)

Drake feat. R. Kelly – Best I Ever Had (Remix)


guaranty to make every girl dance

May 27, 2009



Chelley- Took the Night


Bonus track:  Chelley vs. Mr Oizo Dj Ayres remix



saturday snack pack

May 23, 2009

sound bars

Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Remix) – Grizzly Bear

My Girls (El Remolon Cumbia Mix) – Animal Collective

Its A Pity (Lulu Rouge Bootleg) – Tanya Stephens



May 23, 2009

betweenAdamwah – Stepping out



May 14, 2009

Glubtch Vol 1- Cover

so it’s official! flexisonic is now out on the web for real. for all of our friends/fans and family here is the first of many great flexisonic moments! sorry, it has taken awhile to get up and posted on the net.

what’s glutbtch?! big club, dancy, fast mixing party music.  mix everything with everything. it’s that frog fart sound mixed with that 90s house piano. wobbly bass with sexy R&B vocals.  funky hip hop over dubstep.  reggae meets electro.  glitch and grime.  GLUBTCH

who’s flexisonic? they are a collaboration project, club music style dj’s.  flexisonic has continued to develop their own sound for the past three years. three years of carrying turntables through the snow to get to the party. . . of mixing until morning in the living room and then going to work.  three years of scheduling practice with two guys and 4 turntables and lots of arguments in the search of perfection.  now farther away from perfection than ever. . . .

anyways, here’s the first of many mixes/tracks to keep you company on the dancefloor, on your car speakers and in your livingroom.

flexisonic: GLUBTCH volume one

(get it now because the link expires in 7days.. .)



flithy grimy beats

May 11, 2009

I seems to have tapped into a vein of dirty , dirty, grimy electro beats today. I am loving it so I thought I would share. Kano hails from the uk and works heavily with producer mikey j.

This is the video of Kano Hustler the first single off his  140 grime st. album. The video is based on HBO’s ‘The Wire’ and features his music being sold like crack!

Here is the first track on the same album, the beats made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

01 140 Grime St