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June 19, 2009

prod-cooly-g-mainfirst up. holy fuck. i was shocked silly by this ep. mr. vonstroke was a bunch of other things to me other than this. he was way too drunk pick up at little too late club -sleazy, cool, and fuzzy. this is crystal clear seduction with way too chic chick in your room. the b-side is equally smooth.

Aundy – Claude VonStroke

look its a simple formula. hot vocals. drop dead gorgeous beats. i’ve been loving this long time. here is the latest of the bristol school. (yeah thats her up top)

Love Dub – Cooly G

i dont know why i stopped listening to minimal. maybe it was because it took so long to go anywhere. this track does not. 30 seconds in and it blows up all over the place.

Border Line – Afonso Maia


  1. nice post! I actually had love dub on repeat the other night – very nice sounds. good on hyperdub to pick up some stellar girls lately (cooly g, ikonika). I have mixed feeling about the other single on that cooly g album (narst). it has a nice opening loop, but as the track progresses it sounds almost too canned bringing in the other sounds. if you pick up in the middle of the track though, it flows great into a delayed strings, funky dubstep type beat.

  2. wow, i love that Claude VonStroke track, so nice. never heard anything like that from him before

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