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August 23, 2009



August 22, 2009

holy poo. i actually went to a show last nite. at an old chinese theatre on the corner of hastings and main. downtown sketch vil. so absolutely no neon spandex and bad beards. (ps the royal unicorn has now been infiltrated by granville hos). so me, some random junkies, and a whole bunch of hippies witnessed filastine blow the shit up. buddy is from barcelona and spends most of his time in places like haiti, laos, and bolivia recording samples and taking video then brings it all on tour. so yeah he is my hero. political travel techno.


Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club

August 19, 2009

HAHAHA, I know it’s just a loop from a silly TV commercial, but I watched the whole 6:30 of the video and loved it. Maybe it’s because the beat is so sick!


Wiley beat with M.I.K.

August 13, 2009


grime, like T-Pain but better.

M.I.K Feat./Ego & Merky ACE – Information (Prod.By Wiley)


mmm butter, sleazy rnb

August 12, 2009


spreading the love, warp  has leaked a new track/teaser from hudson mohawke’s upcoming album Butter, set to be released in October.  

his description of the new direction:

“…my attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R’n’B aesthetic – Isaac Hayes ‘hot buttered soul’. ” – Hudson Mohawke

RISING 5   get it!

very nice!


saturday snack pack VI (the video edition)

August 8, 2009

gold panda – back home

the xx  – crystalised

cool kids – black mags


LA so hot right now

August 7, 2009

check out LA Dope  “Portraits from the Electronic Scene Los Angeles 2009”

You might recognize a few musical geniuses…