August 22, 2009

holy poo. i actually went to a show last nite. at an old chinese theatre on the corner of hastings and main. downtown sketch vil. so absolutely no neon spandex and bad beards. (ps the royal unicorn has now been infiltrated by granville hos). so me, some random junkies, and a whole bunch of hippies witnessed filastine blow the shit up. buddy is from barcelona and spends most of his time in places like haiti, laos, and bolivia recording samples and taking video then brings it all on tour. so yeah he is my hero. political travel techno.


  1. Nice find Mikael,

    the track Hungry Ghosts on his myspace is really nice. Reminds me in a way of the Miss Kitten track Violentine in a far more rough guide grimey boy goes to sonar fest kinda way.


  2. nice one. i’m totally jealous. filastine was in calgary too but i was away, it must have been an incredible show! he does the world influences over dark dubstep/beats thing so well. reminds me of dj krush but from a completely different angle. the track bitrate sneers, off the dirty bomb album whoa!

  3. wow, totally brilliant. sorry to have missed the calgary show.

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