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Label Feature – Kompact

October 17, 2009

kompaktcd73-24_7kompact has a limited appeal, mostly it has to get cold in ur country otherwise this shit wouldnt fly. its cold now. and damn if i dont want to listen to nordic minimal pop. kompact fits the bill. more of their stuff here.

Matias Aguayo-Rollerskate

Add This Song (Klovn Mix) – GusGus

No Turning Back (Wighnomy’s Likkalize Love Rekksmi) – Gui Boratto

Bo Jack (Vocal) Feat. Ladybumbox – Matias Aguayo



October 16, 2009

Andy Stott - Merciless

dub bliss for your headphones

Andy Stott – Drippin


Art & Cash

October 15, 2009

new track and video from techno pranksters modeselektor.  this video is too cool!


another joker remix

October 14, 2009

Joker’s been getting a lot of play on my speakers this summer and here’s another remix that needed his grimy flare. His sound is as sweet as this crushed velvet inside my accordion case.

Cruel Intentions Joker Remix

Sept  & Oct 2009 073


street bass2

October 8, 2009

boomin system

new mix up, here or subscribe to the podcast

street bass2  43:27

Frisco ft. Chipmunk, Double S – Skeng Man Mode
Fire Camp vs. Sizzla – Solid As A POW!!! (MarTelo Mashdown)
T.C. Anderson – Supa Rap
Kazi and Oh No – Everybody Knows
Ras G – Stealth Mode
Mono/Poly – Red & Yellow Toys
Machinedrum – XX
Frank-n-Dank – Pimp Strut
SirOJ – track 8 (One for Nalden: Smoke Business)
panda slap – clip5
Ras G/The Afrikan Space Program – 1derful Beings
Koushik – Beep 01
Starkey – Creature
Devlin – Dumplin
Unitz – The Drop
Iconz (Ft.Chapter, Stage Mccloud, Supastar & Tony Manshino) – Get Fucked Up
Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience
Machinedrum – Currents
Mike Slott – Knock Knock
dBridge – Creatures Of Habit
Chris Inperspective – Heather’s New Waffles
Sonar Circle – Soul
Invisible Landscape – First Is Forever

summer is over baby. on to evenings indoors, muted hockey games and rotating shiny black things.  ok, its an obviously self indulgent mix here,.. bass, space and more bass, yet one i think many can appreciate. starting with all time favorite grime track skeng man mode into sizzla over the maSSive forward riddim by dexplicit. POW! from there quickly to LA beatmakers, kazi & oh no, ras g, and mono/poly.  amidst the chaos, siren & airhorn fun with the maddecent iphone app, more head nodding from detroit rappers frank n dank and belgian sir oj, and then things get hazzy with a poet (ras g- 1derful beings).  next the first track off koushik’s new album sets a minimal transition into more grime and dubstep ridiculousness care of starkey, devlin and unitz (kudos to BBC queen Mary Anne Hobbs for the picks). chop chop, a side trip to the deep south, then onto the highlight of the mix dorian concept.  boom!  trilingual dance sexperience, have you ever heard anything like it? finally, more off the album of the summer (machinedrum- Want to 1 2?)  and some mike slott peachy before a dnb close featuring new and old productions.



saturday snack pack (smalls vs. giggs edition)

October 3, 2009

oh man

alberta born and raised

the after dinner mint


boom click and youtube stills

October 1, 2009