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Hudson Mohawke on the Essential Mix

November 28, 2009

On this snowed in Saturday morning, I thoroughly enjoyed blasting Hudson Mohawke on the Essential Mix along with my morning coffee while whippin up a batch of muffins. Whatever you’re up to when tuning in, do it loud. Enjoy the weekend.



November 27, 2009

Almost a month from the originally scheduled release date, finally Dizz1’s 3rd Time Lucky EP has been released this week, out now on Nod Navigators.  3rd Time Lucky serves as a follow up to the Konotakosuke track off the Beat Dimensions compilation that created quite a buzz this summer and was a flexisonic favorite. The first track to catch my ear though was We Go Ridin’, done with Om’Mas Keith from Sa-Ra at the Red Bull Music Academy last year.  The rolling, laid back cross over beats return on this release, 5 bangin tracks in all.  Check it out over at Rush Hour.

dizz1 – konotakosuke yaro

Dizz1 & Om’Mas Keith – We Go Ridin’

Here is the trailer vid




November 26, 2009

Ras G – Alkebulan



November 25, 2009

Neil Landstrumm – The Coconut Kestrel

BD1982 & Hovatron – Space Boots (Hovatron Remix)

NastyNasty – The Reef (Slugabed Remix)

Nicole Scherzinger – Whatever U Like (Lunice Rmx)


danish check-up

November 21, 2009

le.tanque has been awash in nostalgia of late. a latent winter zeitgeist of blues. i think here the danes can teach us a lesson.or at least help us out. they seem to be a bit further along in tech synth cope. i want a canadian record born in an ice fishing shack on solar power in nunavut, and it better sound crisp, warm and deep.

first up a rework of bon iver. yes thats french for good winter (the h is silent). i absolutely love this track and you will too. but dont bother looking up the original unless you have a fondness for bearded men and their guitars.

Bon Iver – Re: Stacks (Tomas Barfod Remix)

listen to this the next time you go snowshoeing and then make love in a snowsuit. essentially she is ellen allien.

Rosa Lux – Ven igen (Rubys remix)

i am double stamped guilty of getting off on this unnecessarily danish cheese. but when you have a big-time office crush you just have to sing in cliches.

Turboweekend – After Hours


how do you solve a problem like cold cave?

November 21, 2009

name ur idols, get famous, burn out. xx has already lost a member. big pink is still too derivative despite the midi controllers. can cold cave survive? all i ask is that they make it respectable, bdamed. when it fails blame bret easton ellis, mickey rourke, kim basinger and coke on the table. and leave the synth to us.

Cold Cave – Life Magazine


a few favorites

November 20, 2009

I randomly stumbled upon a Radiohead remix done by Leftfield. As Idiotheque is definitely my fav Radiohead song, (probably since it’s  their most electronic sounding and  it also doesn’t leave you feeling sad as Thom Yorke is quite capable of doing)  I thought I would share as in my opinion Radiohead and Leftfield are in a  class of their own. I saw Radiohead live in concert at Thunderbird stadium ( 2003)  and the best way to describe it: It Changes your Life!  

Idiotheque remix

To follow, here’s a Leftfield classic from the album entitled  Leftism.

Space Shanty

and to finish off, here’s a track from Gemmy that reminds me of Leftfield  because of the the old electronica  beat mixed in new glitchy wonky sounds. Rainbow Roads is included  on Mary Ann Hobbs’ new compilation Wild Angels. If you still aren’t tuning into her show on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday nights, I strongly encourage you to start. …and it will get you saying “maximum respect”

Rainbow Road