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inner city life

December 19, 2009

for whatever reason 12/19, early morning walk to retrieve abandoned vehicle triggered this particle of memory.

goldie – inner city life


8 months in northern ontario

December 19, 2009

Hayden – More Than Alive (live)


M’s Top 10 of 2009

December 18, 2009

all these artists are available for purchase, if you like them buy them.
i did and was justly rewarded.

10.Major Lazer – Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do

Just because this album sounded the end of all the sounds that influenced it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome. We all know the story of Diplo and Switch in Kingston any artist at their disposal (please someone make a documentary), the world was their vagina. Which brings me to the next point, this album is extremely x-rated.

What u like feat. Amanda Blank & Einsten

9. the Big Pink – a Brief History of Love

It’s no secret I rocked out more than once to this pure blast of awesome. If it wasn’t so derivative it would be way higher on the list. I love how raw and manufactured it is at the same time. I love how the live drums match up to the synths. I love the Velvet Underground chic cool. I love the random guitar feedback that breaks into clear crisp drum machine breakdowns.  And I love the vocals. Runners up include Cold Cave and the Crocodiles.

Frisk – the Big Pink

The Trees Grew Emotions and Died – Cold Cave

I Wanna Kill – Crocodiles

8. Dub Tractor – Sorry

Initially the name seems like a cheap trick (sic) then you just spend the rest of your listen wishing boards of canada had been more poppy. This is post-sex music at 3am.

That Won’t Heal By Itself

7. the Temper Trap – Conditions

When I first heard the Temper I thought Antony Hegarty had turned his delicate falsetto to emo-rock, (and damn that should still happen). You can sing this shit in your head anywhere. And I do mean at Army and Navy off Hastings (but only if you’re shopping for a hibachi for your outdoor emo camping trip)


6. Falty DL – Love is a Liability/Bravery

Dubstep is undeniably a mighty fine genre, perhaps one of the best, and whether you agree that it has lost its way or not Falty are the artists that took it back to where I love it most – deep. melodic. off beat. and romantic. (and hands down the best cover art of the year)

Our Loss

5. Mavado – Mr. Brooks a Better Tomorrow

I clearly have no emotional connect to a Kingston gansta finding god (small caps), but damn if the middle sequence of this album doesn’t rule cinematographic heavy, absolute genius narrative beat dub.

Life Of A G

4. Fever Ray – Fever Ray

The high value attached to this album is how much it resonated with me sonically and emotionally. I first heard this album when I was doing a stint in Laos and living in a wicker hut. It was the soundtrack to my time there.  It both tethered me and freaked the shit out of me. Listening to post-modern music in a pre-modern world will do that do you.

Keep the Streets Empty for Me

3. King Midas Sound – Waiting For You

When the first deep soft drum kick hits over the breathless Bristol vocal your fucking hooked. The comparisons are endless. I’m just tickled priceless that this sound is back.


2. XX by XX

a band of and for their time. I listened and loved this album over all others this year. It speaks volumes to the power of music when some kids barely out of high school and a minimal grasp of their instruments or their own voices can make a record this affecting.

Basic Space (Pariah Remix)

1. Matias Aguayo – Ay Ay Ay

a techno bobby mcferin this guy has more layers of groove vocal melody all synthed out (I really wish at this point in the review that I hadn’t used “this guy has more”.) I have no more adjectives. I was stunned.

Ritmo Tres

Menta Latte


feel good sunday: Adam VW

December 14, 2009

I am going to deviate from the traditional letanque music style to introduce Adam VW – a super talented guitarist/singer/songwriter/poet general awesome guy.  over the last year he has really started to find his style and I am excited for what 2010 will bring him.  if you want to learn more about him, check out his myspace page

here are a bunch of his music videos to cheer you up before the work week!



December 11, 2009

this track is huge. doesnt help that i have a massive crush on the drummer,


winter makes me sick

December 8, 2009

waiting for a bus that will never come.  stuck in slippery traffic.  hanging out at the hospital hooked to an IV.  here are some good loud techno tunes to say fuck you old man winter!

The Proxy – 8000 (this song was made for marching in the snow)

02 Night of the Hornheadz (Bird Peterson Remix) [feat. Drop the Lime] (loud banger – can’t go wrong sampling drop the lime)

Drop-The-Lime-Devils-Eyes (speaking of drop the lime)

Solo – Rawmania (Original Mix) (this track is so worldly it takes me anywhere but cold here)


the common wealth: desert tape (ultra lo-fi)

December 5, 2009

kuwait: boys interested in picking up the ladies need to get in their dad’s bmw and drive out into the desert; hopefully there will be some ladies doing the same. toss the mix tape from your window to hers. sometimes you miss. the first track starts there a found tape in the desert and continues the lo-fi up until the emotional present. you have a single speaker radio glued to you ear. dance.

found desert tape

shadia – desert tape

headhunter – in motion

king midas sound – cool out

pearson sound – WAD

matias aguayo – de papei (feat. max turner)

demetrio giannici – rock me

loco dice – pimp jackson is talking now!!!

WBEEZA – he so crazy

rhythm of elements – praia (Karizma Stomp remix)

gotye – hearts a mess (Supermayer mix)