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March 31, 2010

dirty lyrics from a female hip hop artist = awesome

from her new album Set Yourself on Fire

07 Chips In My Dip


mike mind (acid)

March 29, 2010

some good acid techno songs (if I can label them like that) by turbo records mike mind.  I found this first song after Tiga played it in his bbc radio one mix last year (I think he mixed it into his song ‘overtime’).  amazing.

Acid Machine

anyways, enjoy some good new songs to bring back those old 1990’s memories.

Mike Mind – Satellite Son

(Here’s a sample of tiga’s ‘overtime’ so you can imagine how nice it goes with acid machine and why I was so excited when I first heard it)


pirate radio

March 28, 2010

interesting mini-documentary about pirate radio in london.  15 minutes

pirate radio frequencies



March 28, 2010

c.r.s.t. – inside

buy the rest


XL sound

March 28, 2010

wow, extra large sound going on here…. couple new and exciting singles from established producers mark pritchard (aka harmonic 313) and stereotyp.

stereotyp hooks up with warrior queen for a release on raw fusion. a bit heavier than most stuff put out on raw fusion, warrior queen does her thing over some future dancehall ruffness for the track gangster. also on the record a nice new remix of blaze n cook and the track cree which is some sub bass meets shuffle house/broken beat madness cooked up with style. letanque gives stereotyp a lot of love, it will continue with new music like this!  buy it!

the elephant in the room is this track when you mix it in. mark pritchard lets it all hang out for this lumbering beast (elephant?) of a track out on mala’s deep medi musik imprint. ‘evvy ‘evvy dubstep with nothing but low end. big tune! then a complete 180 for the second track on the flip side of the record, heavy as stone. this track is not heavy as stone, but a nice light 4/4 stepper with soulful female vocals. exciting record for sure! can’t wait for the Africa Hi Tech music to come out later this year (Mark Pritchard’s project with Steve Spacek)

Bonus: you don’t know why but you just want it. the new beat from El-B


Another Catchy Spring Track… thanks “FX”

March 26, 2010

So Jon “FX” Crawford produces a track called “Thunderball Riddim” then says damn this beat is sick, I am going to get all the hottest dancehall MC’s to spit on it. The results are unreal and this complation has been on repeat on my itunes for weeks. Not bad considering it’s all the same beat HAHAHA. Here are 2 samples, but go get the album it doesn’t disappoint: Thunder Ball Riddim

03 Spend Time

04 Thounderous Clap


spring (live mix) – Darcy

March 24, 2010
spring – an explosion of random new beginnings mixed with the re-growth of old favorites.
quest – nosaj thing
dark & sticky – redshape
dinosaur – 2562
so derobe – joy orbison
millie – ikonika
love cry  (joy orbison remix) – four tet
hear me (zomby mix) – martyn
sing – four tet
bopgunn (instrumental) – heralds of change
acoustic lady – hudson mohawke
there (lukid remix) – osborne
cafe de phresh (instrumental) – rustie
breath, something-stellar star – flying lotus
to london – falty dl
donut (boy 8-bit remix) – m.a.n.d.y. & booka shade
acid – terror danjah
trollsta (egyptrixx remix) – dubbel dutch
twistclip loop – hudson mohawke
satellite (hudson mohawke remix) – b.o.b.