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four tet – sing live@dome

March 22, 2010

hooping for carrie


Four Tet

March 22, 2010

I realized there has never been a post about Four Tet (Kieran Hebdan) on letanque and figured it’s about time.  He has had a huge influence on me and I am sure on countless other musicians and producers.  I think I have had a crush on his music for almost a decade.  He started as the remix king (sia, madvillain, 2-disc remix album) and then continued on with some really solid solo albums (dialogue, pause, my angel rocks back and forth, everything ecstatic) to name a few.  He sort of disappeared off my radar until his dj-kicks album came out.  It was amazing when it came out but I didn’t quite understand it.  Now, 30 listens and 4 years later I can finally give a wag of my finger and say that he taught me a lesson and I didn’t know it. Now everyone wants to remix him. FFWD today and I can’t get enough of some recent singles/collaborations (burial – moth/wolfcub),   (love cry – remixed by roska, joy orbison), (sing – floating points remix).  Not to mention his newest album – The Is Love In You. I think the number one compliment as a dj or producer would be to work with FOUR TET.

I realize as I search around that I am totally late on this post as he appeared on BBC Radio one not too long ago.  that’s ok,  he deserves more credit.

Some favorites that everyone should have:

As Serious as Your Life [Jay Dee Remix]

And Then Patterns

Rhinestone Cowboy



la loche

March 19, 2010

jose james – blackmagic (brownswood recordings)
rednose distrikt – find my way ft. deborah jordan (kindred spirits)
00genesis – always (smile) (all city)
om unit – light grids (all city)
nochexxx – sin bliss ft. sensational (werk discs)
thriller – freak for you (thriller 003)
soom t – survivor (jaharti)
hudson mohawke – acoustic lady (warp)
james blake – the bells sketch (hessle audio)
gonjasufi – ancestors (warp)
eprom – never (falty dl rephresh) (surefire sound)
joy orbison – the shrew would have cushioned the blow (actress’ neu haus so-glo mix) (simple records ltd/aus music)
untold – flexible (brainmath)
the raah project – will you be there (alex patchwork remix) (knowfool records)
starkey – starting gates (planet mu)
hungary ghost – waveshifter (wax on records)

hello music people.  this one is all vinyl and a radio show style mix.  it represents a decent cross section of everything i find exciting about new music these days.  i hope u enjoy

p.s.  check us out every third friday of the month down at Cafe Koi.  djs davidson, matthew and guests.  delicious food, smooth beats.  see you tomorrow night!


breakage – foundation

March 19, 2010

this album really doesnt offer anything new. it is mostly a reminder and a pause. of why we have loved music for the past decade. soak it.


quiet night in

March 16, 2010

what a weekend.

Diplo could probably solve all the world’s problems if all the leaders in the world just got on his dance floor.

but rest up my friends Joker is coming to town April 7th and I am pumped!

So sit back, relax and enjoy this dubstep documentary.

we need to start recording our conversations, seriously.


open hand clenched fist

March 14, 2010

avaz masnari – mohammed reza shajarian
ghosts have a heaven – actress
quadruple gold dipped – micha
lost in thoughts – kabale und liebe
encore – anton piete
los chicanos (claude monnet) – klement bonelli & johannes brahms
sax my bitch up (audio jack) – joey negro
go bowling (the glitz) – lee van dowski
night bell – plasmik
love machine – anton piete
her scent – anton piete
hard – breakage

open hand clenched fist


in return for her favour

March 12, 2010

a couple long players back to back to get the weekend rollin

shine – peter kruder
groove a ‘k’ ordingly – karizma
gold bricks, i see you – mosca
jackmans rec – sully

in return for her favour