April 6, 2010

yeah for the hump day concert, perfect way to break up the work week.  joker plays the hifi tomorrow night!

have been pumpin these mashups lately.  keeps things light, fun, fresh?

Justin Joker – City River

How Purple Can You Go (Ludacris vs Joker & Ginz)

and a new one, released just two days ago.  more of that signature 80s dubstep sound with a grime/synth stab edge to it. the original is cool, but i much prefer the VIP mix.  a preview for tomorrow night?

Joker – Tron (VIP Mix)

ps. welcome back john!


  1. Just saw a re tweet on Bok Bok’s twitter something about Joker not making it tonight so Bok Bok is covering for him.

    RT:hificlub Sorry Calgary. No @jokerkhk tomorrow. @bok_bok will be rocking the club instead. Hit us up for Guestlist

    So get on twitter and get yo self on the list folks cuz that night slugs style is on fire.

    Peace out,


  2. is this true? I hope not. but still great tracks~!

  3. Well did any of you cowtownians go see Bok Bok?

  4. yeah we were all there it was great!

  5. indeed, we did attend. i was hoping for a little slice of london, exclusives and unreleased material –u know, the music we mortals won’t get our hands on for months (i know those guys pat each other with their own dubplates) and i was hoping for some new uk funky and maybe some silly house shit bok bok and l-vis 1990 are known for… alas none was heard, yet it wasn’t disappointing. he seemed to enjoy jumping all over the place, zomby and kode 9 into martyn with ease, then ruff grime switched up with slim thug, timberland and rustie. was hype. and sprinkles of balkan techno! sweet. interesting selections for sure. but it just felt like he was trying to work a sparse club more than anything… boring. ahh, ok yes, i was disappointed a little, but i’m biased on that ukf/techno tip. ultimately not bad for a complete refund on the ticket with free cover

  6. Well I guess the grime part was no surprise, his blog has a lot of love for the grime scene so I can only imagine he came up during that whole time frame in London. But I would wonder how much of what he played was due to him covering for Joker as opposed to being there in his own right as if it was a night slugs night. As in was he really trying to play to what he thought people who would come to a joker night would want to hear? Cuz I would have expected exactly what you were looking for Matt. I didn’t go see him when he was in town here so am not really sure what he normally plays out but would have expected it to be UKF a la night slugs family, numbers, dress to sweat etc.

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