love for fridays

April 9, 2010

Egyptrixx- Hexagon Ya

Cosmin TRG- Since Last Night

Zinc-Blunt Edge


MJ Cole-Sincere (Nero remix)


  1. YES cosmin trg, pump that music

  2. aw, that is a cool remix of sincere, but my heart is still for the original. so you like the zinc track sans mc dynamite? worthy played it! you missed it. crazy how much of an instant hit that song is though, everyone went nuts on the first bass line. fun

  3. great photo too!

  4. worthy was worthy? yes, so missed it but perfect day of spring skiing, no excuses going forward. switched it up with the zinc track, I expect to hear it in common wealth’s next mix.

    • ya wothy was good. i’m pretty sure skiiing over a show will be the right decision every time though. and i forgot, i guess bok bok played the instrumental version of the dj zinc track too. total hit

  5. great tunes… all 5 stars in my itunes!

    • dynamite has lost some wait

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