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April 22, 2010
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moombahton. new ‘genre’ generating a lot of hype recently.  there was even a show here in Calgary last friday that I heard was great.  my personal take on it is that it is slow rave music.  so far lots of old hits remixed down to that 108bpm speed.  I have read more ‘prestigious’ blogs labelling it as slowed down Dutch House

anyways, I have done all of the research for you.  download till your hard drive is full.  I am not going to fill up any of our precious blog space with it because there is already too much (lazy.. )

scatterblog – good mix and 10+ songs

XLR8R – 2 songs

Fool’s Gold – Moombahton Megamix by Dave Nada (some credit him with the invention of this genre)

Gotta Dance Dirty – few songs


  1. Diggin the moombahton vibes. Found this guy on soundcloud and would recommend checkin out his tune “Sandungueo” which you can DL as part of a moombahton themed promo on his blog @ http://munchiproductions.blogspot.com/

    Peace out,


  2. The ERNOLD SANE Moombahton party mix just dropped.
    Vancouver is now the Canadian Moombahton epicenter with the presence of, NEOTERIC, ERNOLD SANE, and KEV FRESH.


    Meanwhile, Melbourne just became The Moombahton Capital of The World with the drop of the MU GEN/Scattermusic Moombahton anthology:


    It includes what may be the greatest Moombahton track of the moment from Slap & Dash:


    Check also WILD STALLYNS for Texas Moombahton, DJ MELO for Phoenix, MORNINGSTAR for the “WEST COAST”
    SOUND and the current first big underground Moombahton hit “Rude Boy”


    Check DAVE NADA for THE ORIGINAL MOOMBAHTON tracks and the DC take. For B’MORE, it’s UNCLE JESSE:


    The emerging NEW YORK SOUND comes from SOL SELECTA, and like the “West Coast Sound” is smooth and sophisticated:


    Hope this helps. We are “Moombaheads,” and we love our “M’tone.” “AY, TAN SUCIA!” “DA-LE MOOMBAHTON!”

  3. Masterful DUTCH MOOMBAHTON just dropped. Check it!


    Check the latest on the new GENRE sweeping Melbourne, New York, Vancouver, Texas, and the West Coast…

    or miss it.

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