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Shabazz Palaces

May 29, 2010

absolutely gorgeous stuff from ex-butterfly and former digable planets studd ishmael butler. this is one for those slow summer (its coming soon right? kind of wish i was melting in the ontario shade drinking spiked lemonade right now) rides through town. grooved-out slightly dark muddled beats and non-sensical waxed lyricals. and a great one-shot vid (thanks goodfellas) to boot. vid first. track second.

32 leaves dipped in blackness making clouds forming altered carbon


Raunch Pole

May 21, 2010

breakage sunday show

May 20, 2010

the highly talented jungle/dubstep producer rolls through town this sunday, and monday is the holiday so you know this one is going to be big!  props to the rinse out crew and msp for lining this one up.  can’t wait for it  event link

Breakage – Questions VIP

Breakage – Higher

Breakage – Vial (feat. Burial)

Equinox – Acid Rain (Breakage Remix)


music in film

May 14, 2010

dan snaith always manages to outdo everybody. a brilliant video for a nostalgic track. this time the nostagia is a little more contemporary. and the haunting a little more relevant. stieg larsson has nothing on the gorgeous creepiness of canada’s great white north. caribou – odessa

anthony gonzales gets his fair due and finally scores a film. an erotic french sci-fi no less. black heaven opens at Cannes and the trailer at least reminds me a lot of oliver assayas’s demon lover. that gratuitous schism between digital manufactured reality and escapism that only the french and the japanese cant seem to come to terms with.


mondo cane

May 14, 2010

story has it mike patton (faith no more, mr. bungle) spent a year in italy living with his italian girlfriend. and as these things go osmosised (dont try to pronounce it or look it up , i made it up) a fair amount of italian pop. other country’s music ringing around in your head, you never really know what to do with it. you know how it is. patton says *@#$ it and puts that gorgeous voice of his to good use and belts out an album’s worth of italian cover songs called “mondo cane” buy it. love it.

Ore D’Amore


end ship post

May 8, 2010


islands (untold remix) – the xx
heartbreaker – deadboy
tracers – scuba
bad girls – untold
biscuit – benga (common wealth edit)
bass face – benga & walsh
higher – breakage
justified (feat. erin) – breakage
nike – mosca
reminder – sully


tango al palo

May 8, 2010

just back from buenos aires. saw these guys play in an alley in san telmo on a sunday afternoon. a piano, stand-up bass, 3 violins, and 4 bandoneons. later that night heard them again at a milonga dancehall. i dont think any of them were over thirty. they biked around on cruisers wearing boca junior jersey’s with violins strung across their backs. priceless.

Maldita monogamia

Una canción