Summer 2010

July 17, 2010

at minimum 5 degrees into summer and i dont have a tops down bangin it on the hifi summer track. this is a call out. le.tanquers edit the shit out of this post and add ur summer 2010 favs. i’ll lead off.

Stylo (Ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack) – Gorillaz

Jou Ma Se Poes In’N FishPaste Jar – Die Antwoord

Good call.

bring on the sun

Work Them

roller blAdding yet with denim cut offs?

Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix)- Egyptrixx ft. Shyvonne

get some muscle:

07-It Takes A Muscle

and for those really long bike rides…

03 Nike (Club Edit)

put your appleton’s on ice…

Early Warming

ps summa 2010 picks thus far.  credits to little phoenix, plus twenty c and weekend getaways driving anywhere west

Florence & the Machine – You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

Sleigh Bells – Crown On the Ground

soundbwoy – feelin boot

Gorillaz – White Flag (Ft. Bashy, Kano & The National Orchestra for Arabic Music)

indeed, gorillaz the plastic beach comes complete with snoop dogg.  don’t sleep on this album, very cool

another fun one to remind us of warmer days:


  1. you’re not messin around with all the Die Antwoord love flying around. how was the show on the 15th??

  2. sadly sold out. they didnt even have to print flyers.

  3. rights! so excited about this post everyone. heater alert music going on here. props around, props abound. that ramadanman work them track whoa! i can vividly remember hi5n’ randoms when addison groove/headhunter dropped that track at mm. what a raw show that was. its really cool to see the dubstep hangover inspiring uk producers to revisit juke and bmore. and die antwoord? well fk does the periphery in that interview video not completely speak for itself?! inna zeph, its a full flex. love it

  4. That drop the lime track is awesome… repeat

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