In the Studio – Magnetic Man

October 13, 2010

benga, Artwork, and skream manage to look out of place in their own track


  1. Artwork: this is good.. that violin person is hot… i think benga has cooler shit on his computer… is that a
    benga: warcraft rules.
    skream: …..
    Artwork: your words to me are like music… i wrote that… im awesome
    Artwork: benga check it. check my shit. its awesome. no really seriously my screen is for realsies
    benga: virus
    Artwork: more cowbell?

  2. amazing track… awesome cast!

  3. Mike you made me lol and snigger in work which was nice but not nice as not a single person I work with would have a clue what I was laughing about. Seriously though with a number one UK single someone has to ask why orchestral-trancestep is so popular with the neds? I mean seriously folks this is low brow stuff, like Metallica and a symphony orchestra doing Neil Sedaka covers. I love Katy B but that track hurts my feelings.

  4. haha I was wondering what was going on back there. thanks for the play by play michael. benga looks like he is thinking real deep – almost nervous. like “I wonder if the orchestra guys know that all I did was press one button on my computer?” nervous. dj’ing/producing while keeping pace with real instruments is a challenge! nice find

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