M’s 2010 Top 10

December 30, 2010

almost didnt get this in before the years end. i was hoping, just a little bit, that there would be some technology involved here. sadly machines havent come that far this year. good luck to you next year machines.

10. Blonde Redhead – Penny Sparkle
for those of you not predisposed to beauty in small fuzzed out scales of bliss… converts guaranteed

9.  Die Antwoord – $0$
ridiculous small girl energy rubs up pure power trash dude. it was a joke until it went way deep fun.

8. The National – High Violet
listening to the national almost excuses you from not reading a good book this year. thats your mystery in her hand, and the key to her flat in new york.

7. Tricky – Mixed Race
muscular beats. soft spoken off tracks. blues. boy is back.

6. Breakage – Foundation
a great album at the right time. a reminder and a quota.

5. Skream – Outside the box
he may have lost a little in the translation, but the lp was well worth the effort.

4. Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon II – The Legend of Mr. Rager
some pussy and mimosas

3. Geographer – Animal Shapes
pure pop bliss. thanks bro.

2. Caribou – Swim
mr. snaith delivers on the promise the boards left us with so many years ago.

1a. Untold – Mass Dreams of the Future / Stereo Freeze
1b. Kingdom – That Mystic Ep
a nice hello to 2011


  1. awesome list, I see there are some albums I need to get!

  2. i should have bet someone a lot of money Die Antwoord was going to make this list.
    Yeah Caribou, great way to reminisce 2010

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