xxxxnights: carrie

January 30, 2011

with the pukak layer back in full force this winter season, my mix is intended to slowly warm things up as you make the walk home, sit on a crammed train, rip down the ski hill or get the party going at home. don’t worry too much about the mixing but enjoy the tracks

pukak mix

James Blake- cmyk
Breakage Ft. Erin- Foundation Justified
Emika-Drop the other (Scuba Vulpine remix)
Ikonika- Simulacrum
Goldie- Timeless (SBTRKT remix)
Breakage- Hard
Submerse- Lost U
Jack Sparrow- Loveless
Mount Kimbie- Field
Ramadanman- Glut
Distance- Night Vision
Smith & Mighty- B Line Fi Blow (feat Niji 40)
Ramadanman- Don’t Change For Me
Addison Groove- Footcrab VIP
Joker- Digidesign
Onra- Bonus Beat


  1. thank you pukak for this awesome mix of amazing tunes!

  2. Killer mix. It’s getting me through a cold, grey, wet Vancouver afternoon in the office. Creeps up slow and steady. Nice work!

  3. gorgeous tks!

    • …and also im going to call di out for only commenting when a fellow lady posts

      • It’s not about gender, it’s about quality.

  4. I finally had time to give this one a proper listen (on a cold snowy end of March day!) sorry for the delay – but this is great. way to step up and over the challenge.

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