Album Review: SBTRK – SBTRK

July 1, 2011

the absolute furiousness (not a word, as of yet) of his earlier mixes was mostly what got b-heads in a tizzy. admission i was one. there was a cleverness, adrenalin and a small amount of professionalism which had been missing in tracks at the time. so now the new sbtrkt album:

right off the bat its an album. so all u haters out there. this is meant to move copies. there is a line of thought which has a big negative on those who put vocals on every other track. i dont oppose that logic. but if a dudes ready they should make a big album. you dont council a baller to fluff a shot to stay in the minors. that said. there is a better way to deal with the instrumentals when they are no longer ur bread and butter. here they feel like afterthoughts. while they creep nicely into your headphones, they deserved more space. on to the vocal tracks. they pop. almost too well for a dude who hides behind an anthropology mask. i thoroughly enjoyed the range sbtrk pulls out here.  there are no skream la roux duo ups here (will revisit that album later this season), but plenty of top gear beat pop to take you through the summer.

the tracks: the soul shuffle of “never never.” gets a big grab on “a seat next to you” on the smart snare. at the end of the day its the “right thing to do”

its derivative. but we need that now.

Right Thing to Do

the album is out on young turks
buy it on itunes or boomkat
there is a japan horror inspired video for wildfire

One comment

  1. I did enjoy the album… I’ll always have respect for the best mask in the biz!

    cut or uncut, musical acts wearing masks?

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