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Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club

August 19, 2009

HAHAHA, I know it’s just a loop from a silly TV commercial, but I watched the whole 6:30 of the video and loved it. Maybe it’s because the beat is so sick!


The Dance Floor Killer 2008!

April 9, 2009

It’s RiverSide Mother fucker!


The Beauty of Good House, the remix, and Technology

April 5, 2009

One of my favorite house mixes is one Dixon did for futureboogie back in 2006. Ever since then I have been looking of the 3 track on the mix. It always blew my mind, but I could never find it since the mix didn’t have a playlist. But today after three long years using the power of the shazam application for my iphone of found the name of this jem.  The name of the track is ” Have You seen The Moon in Dallas” by Ost & Kjex. Below I have posted the original and the genius remix by Maurice Fulton. enjoy…




put a donk on it

March 9, 2009

put a donk on it!

ok, i have donked this song 10 times on my stereo today, and now it’s on donk on my brain.  all day, all I do is put a donk on it.  I put a donk on my spaghetti at dinner, I put a donk on my laundry, I placed a donk on my neighbors doorstep and I plan to put a donk on my cornflakes tomorrow morning.

what is donk? I donk know but it’s catchy.  here at le.tanque we have a track record of ALWAYS putting up quality material.  In fact, I think we are 100% for great tunes.  I think I just lowered our rating with this post. . .but I had too.  you would all do the same!

actually, I learned about donk over at and am apparently wayyy behind on this one.  more dance music coming out of britain.  basically it’s high speed happy house (hardcore?), and everyone in northern great britain loves it.  to go to a donk party, it looks like you have to be a 12-15 year old, or a big donk who takes steroids and dances with his shirt off.  oh yeah, you need a fake tan and short hair. good thing I just got a haircut cuz now I can donk out all night!  150bpm madness with donk rapping over it.

put a donk on it


SINDEN plays Calgary and Vancouver

September 20, 2008

its your boy… Sinden!

Sinden will be playing the modern in Vancouver this Monday and the hi fi club in Calgary on Tuesday (with lorne b and guests).  Not a show to miss!

All his music is a click away… but here are my picks for jocking it sideways on the dancefloor.

A-Trak – Say Whoa (Sinden remix)

Tigerstyle – Balleshava (Sinden remix)



clear the dancefloor

July 22, 2008

duke dumont – hoy!

todasantos – ABAG (leifs-acid-blowing-in-wind-rmx)

congorock – exodus

let’s go to war – push up yr lighter

toma fetermix – bubamara koxinel

sizzla – grow u locks

mathhead – megamix (dtl rmx)

kanji kinetic – the buffalo

shitmat – that track


monday morning work music

July 14, 2008

this is a straight blog reference…. just go to  check out the latest music posted there.

modeselektors rework of alter ego’s bassline track is on par with their rework of ghislain’s blazin from last year.  s’like sneak up behind you and baaaam dubstep.

and the applebim set is a tasteful compilation of minimal, tech house and dubstep.  or earthy microhouse as they say.  mmm mmm good.