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time to do the funky dance!

July 7, 2010

I just can’t seem to get the sweet sweet sounds of UK FUNKY/DANCEHALL out of my head and ears over the past month. Lucky for me this sound seems to be blowing up everywhere these days. I thought I would post a few of my favorites for your enjoyment.


01 Pull It (ill Blu Funky Mix)


11 Look Pon Me (feat. Natalie Storm)

14 Jack it Up ft. Marvin Brown (mixed clip sorry)


dance your pants off….

08 Jabajaws (Raziek Remix)


flexisonic @ Projections Gallery. July 17 2009 – Artlife Calgary

July 4, 2009

our friends over at theartprojectonline are hosting an art gallery show down at artlife in Calgary, Ab on July 17, 2009.  .  .the show entitled Projections, and here is a blurb from their website:

The show details are:
Calgary, Alberta July 17-19th at  Artlife  called Projections.  ArtLife is a gallery, as well as a well known boutique located at 1312 1st SW, Calgary, Alberta. It has a very large following in the Alberta Arts scene and will give our crew of artists who wish to participate large exposure. The space for this event is limited, so we will be focusing on local Calgary artists, and artists that can attend the event. However, we will be introducing a new projector program feature for all our artists to participate.

The projector program is a new feature that will be offered to site artists that are unable to make the event or wish to display larger pieces of work that may not be easily transported.  The art will be displayed in high resolution, and feature all necessary information regarding descriptions about the art, artist and pricing. We strongly believe the projector to be the future of our art gallery parties as artists will no longer need to be concerned with shipment, it will provide flexibility and create an interactive way to retain future buyer’s attention. We are extremely excited about the projector gallery concept and looking forward to pilot this project at the Calgary event.

We have chosen Women in Need as our local Charity it support for this event. Women In Need Society (WINS) is a charitable not-for-profit organization in Calgary. Established in 1992, WINS’ mission is to help women help themselves through innovative and effective programs and services.


come down and check out new art and bring your dancing shoes because flexixonic will be on the decks all night!

Projections – Promo Mix by: flexisonic


guaranty to make every girl dance

May 27, 2009



Chelley- Took the Night


Bonus track:  Chelley vs. Mr Oizo Dj Ayres remix




May 14, 2009

Glubtch Vol 1- Cover

so it’s official! flexisonic is now out on the web for real. for all of our friends/fans and family here is the first of many great flexisonic moments! sorry, it has taken awhile to get up and posted on the net.

what’s glutbtch?! big club, dancy, fast mixing party music.  mix everything with everything. it’s that frog fart sound mixed with that 90s house piano. wobbly bass with sexy R&B vocals.  funky hip hop over dubstep.  reggae meets electro.  glitch and grime.  GLUBTCH

who’s flexisonic? they are a collaboration project, club music style dj’s.  flexisonic has continued to develop their own sound for the past three years. three years of carrying turntables through the snow to get to the party. . . of mixing until morning in the living room and then going to work.  three years of scheduling practice with two guys and 4 turntables and lots of arguments in the search of perfection.  now farther away from perfection than ever. . . .

anyways, here’s the first of many mixes/tracks to keep you company on the dancefloor, on your car speakers and in your livingroom.

flexisonic: GLUBTCH volume one

(get it now because the link expires in 7days.. .)



Dance Dance Dance

May 3, 2009



First heard this song Annie Mac’s Mash Up last week. Always a great place to hear new music and remixes.  Buraka Som Sistema does a nice job with Dance Dance Dance by Lykke Li. Very smooth.



Hervé Essential Mix

February 28, 2009



In case you missed this one last week on BBC, here is one of the best Essential mixes…in my opinion! Great for your pre-party on a Saturday night.

Hervé’s ghetto bass is so sick!



Detroit vs. Miami

February 6, 2009

I’m in Miami B*tch!  Catchy remake of the ever so popular (annoying?) put your hands up for Detroit.  LMFAO does a spinoff version (I’m in Miami B*tch!)  Here’s the Scottie B remix of the remix for your listening pleasure.  I couldn’t help but post this after watching some Dexter.  Pop music after watching a pop show. . .I should be banned from posting for a week.

miami vs. detroit