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the crunch of leaves …

October 17, 2008

… and the warm vocals of Milosh. That’s what October is all about for me. You’ve probably heard his track in the Ghostly Swim comp, but his album III is worth a good, hard listen. His silky, soulful lyrics make you wanna cry for the rain, the shadows. And the bits o’ beat and bloopy tech wrap around the human voice like a heavy knit cardigan. Sweet. Modern. Clean.

hold my breath

another day


the beast in the lobby

October 4, 2008



domino stumble 

(more audio of themoment)



lukid – fela
dorian concept – we smell plastic
michna – levitation
hudmo – riding chrome
daedelus – make it so (samiyam rmx)




the beast in the lobby










October 2, 2008





stereotyp is also  tech house  1  2 


dub club*

and club capable




*dub club, jellytiger 2003 what!?




crossing the bay

October 2, 2008

sax melody sunshine from Fela Kuti 

water no get enemy




sinden wrap up

September 25, 2008

say   ya ya

we went, we danced, we were merry  (or horny, whatever the music does for you!)


aside from his pompous, ‘i’m so bored’ attitude, sinden’s set was all hype and non-stop!  i didn’t expect that, but it was big

 i left happy because among many other bangers… these were played out:

rustie – zig zag

this track is freaking HUUUUUUGE.  wow, and to hear it on a proper system!!  delicious.  if i had a poster of rustie, it would be on my wall.  thanks to lorne b for this one.


mujava – township funk (ashley beedles africanz on marz re-edit)

sinden played some different remix of this one, but the main melody was still the same.  it is the kind of track that won’t leave your head for two days, but in the end you’ll be happy for its company.


bomb the bass

September 19, 2008

new stuff from these guys (k&d sessions mugwamp jizzm, anyone). mr. lanegan – ala screaming trees – makes an appearance. we’re gonna throw up one of the smooth deep vocal tracks. then something a little dirtier. it’s all pillow talk.

smog (ft. paul conboy)

fuzzbox (ft jon spencer)


Mixtape Monday Vol. 2

September 9, 2008

A week has gone by in a blink of an eye!  I was out of ideas and then this brilliant mix came on while I was surfing the internet. . .Here’s a mix by Panda Slap of Wolfpack from about 6 months ago.  To all you listeners, you win!