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We’re New Here

March 4, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron

Jamie XX’s remix album “We’re New Here” of Gil Scott-Heron is stunning. I was admittedly sceptical, having been subjected to loads of horrendous spoken word and beats albums back in the 90s. Gil Scott-Heron, in addition to being considered the “godfather of rap” for his spoken word “The Revolution will not be Televised,” is also an insane crack fiend, blow torch by the sofa kind of fiend. In a brilliant article in the New Yorker he comes across as a musically gifted Bubbles.

The word you are going to hear alot of in reviews is soul. And that it does. Remixed by XX beat maker, producer, and dubstep DJ Jamie Smith and produced by XL’s Richard Russell it reminds me at times of early Massive Attack filtered through the XX. Which is pure ear drool for the likes of me. At other moments the tracks are anchored by some vintage sparse dubstep, not unlike James Blake’s new album of aural pleasure (the two albums compliment each other real swell). Buy it.

New York is Killing Me – Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX

Filmic video for “I’ll take care of U” here.




soom t

March 8, 2010

random purchase for the hook becomes every night rotation.  where have i heard that voice before?

slept on:

Bus ft. Soom T – Keep Life Right [Dabrye Remix]

Tolcha, Soom T – What About Us (Al Haca Burial)

2010 best EP nominee:

Soom T/Disrupt – Survivor

Soom T/Disrupt – Doobie Dee Doo

oh sad to be north american, apparently her tour with disrupt is killing europe right now


11 dub

November 10, 2009


Last year for the big decade of dub party they brought in Sister Nancy and this year they have done the one-up booking Mad Professor to mark the 11th anniversary. Yes, Dub at the Pub, Calgary’s long standing all things dub and reggae night down at the Drum and Monkey has been keeping Tuesday’s worthy a night out  for 11 years now.  Congrats are surely due to DJ’s High & I for doing their thing all these years.  Roots reggae on the Drum & Monkey side, hard dancehall to ragga jungle on the Bamboo side, two rooms to vibe and bounce in and out of all night long.  I can barely contain excitement writing this, mf MAD PROFESSOR tomorrow night!  Get there early kids.

For the life of me I can’t find my copy of the Mad Professor vs. Massive Attack album so here is a video and a few Dub at the Pub inspired tracks.

Buju Banton – Murderer

Capelton – Jah Jah City

D Jahsta – High Grade Mashup

Sizzla – One Love (Self Evident Remix)

postscript:  self evident will be playing over at lord nelson’s this friday.



October 16, 2009

Andy Stott - Merciless

dub bliss for your headphones

Andy Stott – Drippin



August 22, 2009

holy poo. i actually went to a show last nite. at an old chinese theatre on the corner of hastings and main. downtown sketch vil. so absolutely no neon spandex and bad beards. (ps the royal unicorn has now been infiltrated by granville hos). so me, some random junkies, and a whole bunch of hippies witnessed filastine blow the shit up. buddy is from barcelona and spends most of his time in places like haiti, laos, and bolivia recording samples and taking video then brings it all on tour. so yeah he is my hero. political travel techno.


nikola tesla

July 7, 2009


Ras Amerlock – One From Tesla’s Lab


rants, raves & reviews

June 19, 2009

prod-cooly-g-mainfirst up. holy fuck. i was shocked silly by this ep. mr. vonstroke was a bunch of other things to me other than this. he was way too drunk pick up at little too late club -sleazy, cool, and fuzzy. this is crystal clear seduction with way too chic chick in your room. the b-side is equally smooth.

Aundy – Claude VonStroke

look its a simple formula. hot vocals. drop dead gorgeous beats. i’ve been loving this long time. here is the latest of the bristol school. (yeah thats her up top)

Love Dub – Cooly G

i dont know why i stopped listening to minimal. maybe it was because it took so long to go anywhere. this track does not. 30 seconds in and it blows up all over the place.

Border Line – Afonso Maia