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Mochipet and Demarco!

January 23, 2009

here are some totally different sounds that have inspired me over the last week.

Mochipet is like the new kid kola with an edge. plus who doesn’t love a guy that always wears a purple dino costume. check out the chris de luca remix of his hit get your whistle wet.


The vocoder is really making a huge come back which is welcome by me outside of t-pain ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really enjoy what demarco has been doing… check him out:



letanque radio

October 17, 2008

i was inspired by cam’s mix to spend some time on the wheels of steel last night.ย  so i’ll through this one up right here.ย ย its a leftfield downtempo strole, no dance bangers.ย  best for work, waiting for the bus, long car rides, that kinda gig.ย  and you will notice right away the focus is on the songs, not the mixes, i prefered to let each song play out andย to be listened to as they were written.ย  so its more like radio than a mix.ย 


Nouveau Noise โ€“ Cinnte

Flying Lotus โ€“ 1983ย ย ย ย ย 

Lukid โ€“ Veto

DJ Rels โ€“ Sao Paulo

Sa-Ra โ€“ Can I Get U Hi

Michna โ€“ Italian Visitors

YNQ โ€“ The Birth of YNQ

Busta Rhymes โ€“ Get You Some (ft. Q-tip & Marsha of Floetry)

Simbad โ€“ Momentum

I:CUBE โ€“ Gtnup

Oh No โ€“ Green Tree

Steve Spacek โ€“ Dollar

Poly (Ricci Rucker + GB) โ€“ 07

DJ Apt One โ€“ Mickey Dreidels โ€˜92

Saian Supa Crew โ€“ Angela (Ghislain Poirier rmx)

Ghislain Poirier โ€“ Ciara

Drop the Lime โ€“ Lockgroove A

Dj Marin โ€“ Love Fantasy

Poly (Ricci Rucker + GB) โ€“ 04

Crackhaus โ€“ Chapi Chapeau (egg rmx)

Capitol K โ€“ Capitol Beat Sticky (posh rmx)

Shut Up & Dance โ€“ Epileptic (Martynโ€™s No Strobe mix)

DJ Monk โ€“ Good Body Girl


the crunch of leaves …

October 17, 2008

… and the warm vocals of Milosh. That’s what October is all about for me. You’ve probably heard his track in the Ghostly Swim comp, but his album III is worth a good, hard listen. His silky, soulful lyrics make you wanna cry for the rain, the shadows. And the bits o’ beat and bloopy tech wrap around the human voice like a heavy knit cardigan. Sweet. Modern. Clean.

hold my breath

another day