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letanque’s been missing a little…

March 8, 2010


Now that the pukak layer has melted, the sun is shining Roska’s your spring time bounce.

The Sheppard

Supafly (Roska Remix)

Neighbourhood 09 (Roska Remix)

bonus: NV home video



random act of kindness

February 1, 2010

just got a white label record given to me out of the blue from a good friend (panda slap!). . ..reminded me that little things you do for people in life really do matter, and that receiving vinyl is still a trillion times better than a free download. unfortunately I can’t share that feeling with all of you because I can’t pass out enough records, but to ease curiosity as to what I am listening to, here is the song I got:

great remix of joker’s (digidesign), with almost that 90’s techno deep organ bass or whatever you call.

the original is still pretty great too


Welfare Clinic – Live Mix

January 17, 2010

slamming mix from our good friend A.K.

ak soundcloud preview mix on welfare clinic 320


garage legacy

September 27, 2009


when good songs happen to bad people

July 23, 2009

buy the song, not the sweater


saturday snack pack IV ( top down/ass up edition)

July 18, 2009

push-it-real-good(push it, 2009)

Bruk out (feat. T.O.K & Ms. Thing) – Major Lazer

Streets Are Drunk – Goran Bregovic

Ride Wid Us – So Solid Crew


saturday snack pack (III)

June 27, 2009

bicycle(bicycle, 2009)

Trust Me – the Streets

Kinda Like A Big Deal – Clipse

Miracle (Bogdon Irkuk remix) – Sally Shapiro