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ghostly picks stones throw / stones throw picks ghostly

September 5, 2010

I slept on this one . . .two of my favorite record labels picking their favorite songs from each others labels.  They are nice ones to have to complete the record collection and can be found for free or cheap on the internet if you look around.  Nothing really new in terms of songs, but a nice reminder of why these record labels are the best.

Official Album description: ‘To celebrate the unprecedented achievements of two of our favourite independent US labels we asked Peanut Butter Wolf who runs Stones Throw to pick his favourite tracks from Ghostly’s back catalogue; and in return asked Sam Valenti who runs Ghostly to pick his favourite tracks from Stones Throw’s back catalogue. The result is 20 tracks of some of the most innovative and fiercely independent US hip-hop, electronica, and jazz in the last 10 years.’

J Dilla – Make em NV

Charles Manier Bang Bang Lover(dance_mix)


miike snow

August 6, 2010

i just made sweet jesus love to this track.

In Search Of – Miike Snow



July 25, 2010

something very inevitable has been pulling selections back to minimal tech and chunky house lately.  seems fitting when they flow so well with ukf and those new ones by seiji, doc daneeka, jackal youth, greivous angel etc…  but then there are those slow house tracks, out on their own, stubbornly out of range but so so sexy.

can’t get enough of these records:

jitterbug – beaten trax ep

andy stott – tell me anything love nothing


kyle hall, next generation detroit

May 4, 2010

another young cat schooling the field.  still in braces he’s already got hyperdub and warp lining up for a piece.  one to follow in 2010/2011 for sure.  forward pushing smooth with plenty of keys, i’m loving it

Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall Mix) -Hyperdub

kyle hall – dr.girlfriend

Dressed In Dresden – Kyle MF Hall Remix

check the cute interview here


aphex twin live – coachella 08

April 21, 2010

two years ago this month, mid afternoon under the big top, on a polo field in the california desert… we were there. one of the most incredible shows i’ve ever been to!

it isn’t that often that you come across a recording of a show that you were actually present for so it has always been fun for me to listen to this set, remembering what the feeling was, the vibe in the crowd, the energy and sound, what the dj was doing.  the set started off with everyone hyped but not really knowing what to expect (why is he sitting down?), then a calming and everyone dancing and happy, followed by confusion, still bodies and awkwardness (genius transition @ 23:50!) i’m thinking this is getting good, bring it on…

and then he stood up.

Aphex Twin Live – Coachella 08


01. Intro
02. Public Enemy – Welcome To The Terrordome
03. Run DMC – Beats To The Rhyme
04. ID
05. Strafe – Set It Off
06. Boogie Boys – Break Dancer
07. ID
08. ID
09. ID
10. LFO – Track 4
11. The Night Writers – Let the Music Use You
12. Gregor Tresher – A Thousand Nights
13. ID
14. ID
15. ID
16. Macc – Think Down
17. Fracture & Neptune – Apollo
18. ASC – Confusion
19. dgoHn – Elle
20. System Of A Down – Chop Suey (Drum & Bass Bootleg)
21. Noisia & Mayhem – Exodus
22. Dub-One – Volcon
23. Vertigo – The Drained
24. ID
25. Limewax – Cat And The Hat
26. The Panacea and Code Blue – Graveyard Twist
27. Current Value – Fear

did he pick track two just for the title?


guest set – jared k

April 1, 2010

le.tanque has been wanting jared k to do a guest set for a while now. the only criteria: old skool 4/4 head grooving uplifting house. and cuss if he didnt deliver. blasting out of the right kind of ride this set will suit you like an upturned polo. butter.

jared k – fish.tanque

Da Basspushers – Keep ‘Em Dancing
Joshua Heath & Inland Knights – I Refuse (Inland Knights Mix)
Wattie Green – Moe
Clockwork – Scott’s Dark Tools
Metro Housing Authority – Infamous
Domspiral – Culture Bubble
Manuel Sahagun – Let the Beat
Pete Le Freq – Indecisive
Gillaume & The Coutu Dumonts – I Was on My Way to Hell
The Candy Dealers – Stepping Out
Peckos – Sensual Strawberry Soda (Tommy Largo Remix)
Magors – Do I Move You (Chris Robson Remix)
Tom Drummond – Groove with Me (Zare Remix)
Dj Assassin – A Face in the Crowd (Chris Simmonds Intellidred Mix)
Johnny Karton – Workbody (Pete Le Freq Workin’ That Dub)
Michael Bop – Yes We Is


in return for her favour

March 12, 2010

a couple long players back to back to get the weekend rollin

shine – peter kruder
groove a ‘k’ ordingly – karizma
gold bricks, i see you – mosca
jackmans rec – sully

in return for her favour