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feel good sunday: Adam VW

December 14, 2009

I am going to deviate from the traditional letanque music style to introduce Adam VW – a super talented guitarist/singer/songwriter/poet general awesome guy.  over the last year he has really started to find his style and I am excited for what 2010 will bring him.  if you want to learn more about him, check out his myspace page

here are a bunch of his music videos to cheer you up before the work week!


long hours and heavy rotation

November 14, 2009

To follow up on Camstyles post I have been pulling some long hours in front of the computer these days, working on new projects. Like many of us out there I suffer from music ADD. So when an artist or album comes a long that I play over and over I know it’s something special. Lately I have been getting into indie, blues rock, dream pop, and of course some techno. Here are some artists that have helped me pass the time; in each genre:


Sub pop’s fleet foxes hailing from Seattle, some nice easy listening that can be listened to loud or soft depending on your mood, enjoy…

15 Mykonos (Alternative Version)

04 tiger mountain peasant song


The Black Keys, I kept hearing their name everywhere for a few years but never really listened to them. Until I started watching the HBO show ” HUNG” thier song I’ll be your man is the theme song for the show, so I got some of their albums and really enjoyed what I heard.

05 Lies – The Black Keys

03 Black Keys – The Big Come Up – I’ll Be Your Man



I first heard Silversun Pickups at a friends house the other night. I first I thought it was a new Smashing Pumpkins album then I though it was Girls against Boys. Then I realized I had to have it. Check these guys out… serious!

03 – Growing Old Is Getting Old

04 – It’s Nice To Know You Work Alone



Shadow dancer, I just love these guys!

01 Cowbois (Original) ( watch out for the drop at 1:30)

13 This Is This 1 ( no need to work dj, this track does everything for you )


ghost on tape: check out the mix this dude just did for xlr8r



enjoy guys!


saturday snack pack (last of october edition)

November 1, 2009

teepeeteepee, andy grubbe

warm harmonies from these british boys

Love’s Dart – Django Django

a nu-twist on tribal house (with a borderline micro feel) out of paris

Fairycide – R.I.V.E.R

its been a while since i got into a dizzee track but the hokey disco vocals and silky horn sample take the edge off and make this a guaranteed head nodder

Dirtee Cash – Dizzee Rascal


at the confluence

June 26, 2009

at the confluence

Craters – Like You Used To Know

Canyons – Big City Lights

Daedelus – Soulfulof Child

Untold – Dante

Breakage – Clarendon



vocal bliss

June 22, 2009


Florence & The Machine- Rabbit Heart

Her name is Florence Welch and together they are Florence and the Machine.  You just get lost in this song with her sweet sweet voice and cool housy remix by Leo Zero. Looks like these guys will be busy with festivals in the UK this summer and their cd is out now.


saturday snack pack

May 23, 2009

sound bars

Two Weeks (Fred Falke Extended Remix) – Grizzly Bear

My Girls (El Remolon Cumbia Mix) – Animal Collective

Its A Pity (Lulu Rouge Bootleg) – Tanya Stephens


Big year for old friends!

February 8, 2009

Our old friends junior boys and royksopp are coming out with new albums this year! The Royksopp album is called: ‘junior’ and the junior boys album is called ‘begone dull care’. Both albums are due out on March 23, 2009 so watch for them!

Both of there singles are out, so I thought I would share them…

we are so emo

we are so emo


grey is the new black

grey is the new black

here is the boys noize remix of the first single happy up here