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April 22, 2010
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moombahton. new ‘genre’ generating a lot of hype recently.  there was even a show here in Calgary last friday that I heard was great.  my personal take on it is that it is slow rave music.  so far lots of old hits remixed down to that 108bpm speed.  I have read more ‘prestigious’ blogs labelling it as slowed down Dutch House

anyways, I have done all of the research for you.  download till your hard drive is full.  I am not going to fill up any of our precious blog space with it because there is already too much (lazy.. )

scatterblog – good mix and 10+ songs

XLR8R – 2 songs

Fool’s Gold – Moombahton Megamix by Dave Nada (some credit him with the invention of this genre)

Gotta Dance Dirty – few songs