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link bait

July 7, 2010

Finally the long awaited uffie full length album was released. It is actually way better than I thought. She even brought some friends like…. pharrell. But she just goes to show that you don’t need any talent to be a famous singer… high five to all you producers!

my favorite song on the album:

09 Our Song

yes our good friend pharrell williams lends a hand to uffie on the single ADD SUV:

03 ADD SUV (Ft. Pharrell Williams)

more  importantly the new GIGGS album is out… and it doesn’t disappoint. Some hi-lites are:

05 Bus Commercial

03 Blow Em Away (Feat. Shola Ama)


Die Antwoord – July 15

July 4, 2010

everyone’s favourite south african art rave/rap outfit are hitting vancouver on july 15th. this show is going to fokken rok.


spring smells like solvent

May 28, 2009


another spring, another season on alberta’s back roads visiting gas plants and abandoned leases,… rolling around in big trucks listening to rap.  i’ve been in the foothills NW of calgary this week with the 09 F-150.  i’m not a big fan of the exterior which i have no idea why they had to redesign, but the interior with the integrated satellite radio controls and display is cool.  and so, this being my circumstance i’ve been tuned to sirius all week, howard stern ridiculousness and the best of new US hip hop.  here are some highlights that boom in the truck.

Busta Rhymes – Respect My Conglomerate (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss) [prod. by Focus, Dr. Dre]

G-Unit – Let It Go f. Mavado

and some catchy auto-tune from drake (“you the fucking best, you the fucking best, you the fucking best, the best i ever had…”)

Drake feat. R. Kelly – Best I Ever Had (Remix)


DOOM . . .all caps . . .all big letters but it ain’t no acronym

March 18, 2009

MF DOOM is back! (now just DOOM)

maskDOOM! although I am still waiting to the follow up to madvillainy (still in my list of top 10 cds eva), this one should definately tide me over! to be released on lex records next week, this one is sure to be a pleaser.  DOOM – Born Like This features DOOM himself, along with Ghostface, Raekwon and others.  beats by Dilla, Jake One and the supervillain himself.  just the news of this release has me giddy, and I know I will have DOOM aka. MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, Supervillain, Daniel Dumile, KMD (one of the members) on my stereo for a month straight!

I am no good at describing this hip hop icon so check out the cartoon/beer loving man behind the mask below

some treatz that I found floating around the net.. . .lots of z’s but definately no zzz’s.  already got this one on order

cellz gazzillion-ear supervillainz mf_ballskin1


mini rap tape

February 14, 2009


made a quick little rap tape on thursday after i found some cheap ludacris and miss dynamite records at hot wax.  in truth a 50/50 mix of raps and instrumentals, busta rhymes, the clipse, flying lotus and rustie all make a return on this one.  as well, we have the spacey production of madlib that is so weird and nice under erykah badu vocals and cheeky diddies from fiddy and mr. oizo.  there is even (perhaps untimely) an appearance by chris brown.  rnb!  wtf?!  yes, thanks to hudson mohawke’s OOoops, i’m feeling the rhythm and blues. pop is infectious


miss dynamite – natural high interlude
miss dynamte – dy-na-mi-tee
ludacris – hard times
dj do rok + 50 cent – wanksta/my little runaway
samiyam – donuts with sprinkles
oh no – the ride instrumental (p.s. adds 3 6 mafia and quas)
the are – keep on trying
sach – number 9
mr. oizo – bobby can’t dance
erykah badu – my people
busta rhymes – yo!! ft. chris brown
the clipse – mr. me too instrumental
rustie vs. cerebral vortex – deep fried
dr. dre – what’s the difference (minus eminem)
flying lotus – litermeter
red nose distrikt – feel like comin up

Hudson Mohawke – OOoops