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Them Crooked Vultures

November 17, 2009

What is this a rock blog now?  Well, thought I would put this up on account of interest and nostalgic effect.  Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones (from Led Zeppelin) put out a record today. Them Crooked Vultures?  Its worth a listen. Sounds like old QOTSA but with more cow bell.  Actually I like these songs, catchy and raw with plenty of detours.

Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me And Neither Do I

Them Crooked Vultures – Gunman


Part of the Weekend Never Dies

September 30, 2008

We went to the last night of the Calgary International Film Festival to check out Part of the Weekend Never Dies. This film follows Soulwax/2 many DJs/ Radio Soulwax on their world tour showing you the highs and the lows…but mostly the crazy highs!

 Definitely a great flick to check out especially in the fall, to get you excited about mixing music all winter long! It left me with dreaming of being a rockstar last night…




Monday mixtape

September 2, 2008

Here is a mix I downloaded a few weeks ago from Alex XXXchange.  It’s a nice chill old time rock and roll mix that I thought was put together nicely.  Not our typical post. . .but here goes:


XXXchange has slowly been getting big over the last year with countless remixes popping up everywhere it seems.  Even had some tracks on the Spank Rock FabricLive awhile ago!