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December 11, 2009

this track is huge. doesnt help that i have a massive crush on the drummer,


how do you solve a problem like cold cave?

November 21, 2009

name ur idols, get famous, burn out. xx has already lost a member. big pink is still too derivative despite the midi controllers. can cold cave survive? all i ask is that they make it respectable, bdamed. when it fails blame bret easton ellis, mickey rourke, kim basinger and coke on the table. and leave the synth to us.

Cold Cave – Life Magazine


i found her in a dream

November 14, 2009

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless - Front


Come In Alone – My Bloody Valentine


The Jesus and Mary Chain – Reverence

…and vanish in a swirling glitter upon a gilttering swirl of music, with her high delicate head and her bold painted mouth and soft chin, her eyes blankly right and left looking, cool, predatory and discreet.

William Faulkner, Sanctuary, 1931

Velvet – The Big Pink



dark glitch-ridden soundscapes

February 22, 2009

desertWhile their latest album isn’t quite so hot-off-the-presses anymore – Immolate Yourself was released in January – it’s still making obsessively regular appearances in my daily music rotation.

This album kills me. At times painfully beautiful, it pops and drones in a dreamy haze of sound. With a slight nod to shoegaze and hints of – dare I say it – IDM, it sucks you into an otherworld of shadowy ambient pop. It feels like the open road, a barren desert, long trips on a rural train. But it’s also warm, epic, and urban.

“Helen of Troy” and “You Are The Worst Thing In The World” are two of my faves. As is this one:


Tragically, one of the members of this talented duo died the same month this album was released. Charles Cooper will be missed.


slack beat soul extension

January 13, 2009


a slice of lemon in your earl grey, autechre to nigerian funk, theo parrish to dabrye, a pineapple express on leeward slopes,…this is a warm respite, this is a mixtape from lukid.  curl into it!

01. Samoyed – Fuck
02. Autechre – Drane
03. Actress – Redit 124
04. Fluent – Crazy
05. Ssuave – Scotty’s Pikachu Beat
06. James Pants – She’s Out of My Life (Dub)
07. Jana Hunter – The New Sane Scramble
08. Agape – Rejoice
09. Orchestre PolyRhythmo De Cotonou Dahomey – Minsato Le, Mi Dayihome
10. Panda Bear – Young Prayer
11. Lukid – Untitled
12. Theo Parrish – Love Triumphant
13. Fuzz Face – Brainswapper
14. Dabrye – Get Dirty (Instrumental)
15. Dorian Concept – Chocolate Milk
16. Lukid – Chord 

welcome to 2009!  Lukid’s new lp, the year’s first essential long player, is out now on Werk’s Discs’.  


happy halloween all

October 31, 2008