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March 25, 2011

Deadman (feat. The Bug) [Crackle Remix]


chris cunningham'(s) take(s) on ny is killing me

March 25, 2011

looks like this was done pre the jamie xx album. might have been the trigger. cunningham definitely has skills.


xin nian quai le

February 5, 2011

tinseltown, the year of the rabbit

all u rabbits out there. go out an set some shit on fire (except for anderson cooper)

Falling – Herc


high art trash

February 3, 2011

international world global domination, oil on canvas

aronofsky will get credit for it at then end of the day (as he should). but i love this high art low trash thing happening right now. so this is the common wealth’s contribution. (apologys for the dead space at the end of the track).

high art trash – the common wealth


xxxxnights: carrie

January 30, 2011

with the pukak layer back in full force this winter season, my mix is intended to slowly warm things up as you make the walk home, sit on a crammed train, rip down the ski hill or get the party going at home. don’t worry too much about the mixing but enjoy the tracks

pukak mix

James Blake- cmyk
Breakage Ft. Erin- Foundation Justified
Emika-Drop the other (Scuba Vulpine remix)
Ikonika- Simulacrum
Goldie- Timeless (SBTRKT remix)
Breakage- Hard
Submerse- Lost U
Jack Sparrow- Loveless
Mount Kimbie- Field
Ramadanman- Glut
Distance- Night Vision
Smith & Mighty- B Line Fi Blow (feat Niji 40)
Ramadanman- Don’t Change For Me
Addison Groove- Footcrab VIP
Joker- Digidesign
Onra- Bonus Beat


james blake

January 16, 2011

full length on feb 7th. gorgeous.


John’s top 5 albums of the last 10 years…

December 18, 2010

I really can’t believe that 2010 is coming to a close and it’s been 10 years since the millennium. It’s been an amazing 10 years of music and too many genres to count, each year brings something new and great. I decided to put together a list of my top 5 albums of the past ten years. These are the albums that transcend my musical ADD, and get a shit load of play on my itunes. They are the albums that I keep coming back to, and never get old. They aren’t the most influential or the most ground breaking… just my favs! I also ranked them in order… enjoy!

5.  Mavado ~Mr. Brooks…A Better Tomorrow

This album blew my mind and got me loving dance-hall. It was on repeat in my office for at least a month. I love this album so much that I was willing to overlook the overly violent and homophobic lyrics, sorry world!

12 Don’t Worry

4. Dot Rotten ~ R.I.P Young Dot

I think I discoverd Dot on mix somewhere and had to get the album, needless to say I have been loving grime ever since. A lot of gems on this album!

13 Im A Professional (Prod. By Rotten Riddims)

3. DJ-Kicks: Erlend Øye

I have been a Erlend Oye fan for years and was super excited to get my hands on this album. It came out right after I finished my internship at k7! I love every minute of this album… and the singing dj is a style I have always admired. I thought it was a real fresh take on the dj kicks series. The mix from drop to phoenix is one of my favorite mixes of all time. Well done old friend!

11 The Black Keys Work (Phonique Remix)

2. Burial ~ UnTrue

I am lucky enough to have a awesome older brother with amazing musical taste, so when he came home from China and said you must listen to Burial it was life changing.  I believe this album would make the top 10 of every person that posts on this blog, so I don’t need to bore you with how awesome it is… I eagerly await the next album… please come soon!

06 Etched Headplate

1. The Knife ~ Silent Shout

I love, I Love, I love this album.. I honestly believe I would never get sick of it. Every song has something that makes me say wow, whether it’s a bass drop, a crazy sample, funky harmony, or just plain madness. It’s everything an album should be! Well done,  The Knife you have my top album of the past ten years… not like that means anything to you, HAHA.

03 The Captain

I would also kill to see them live!