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DJ Kicks: Kode9

April 22, 2010

another Burial spoof?  maybe

I found this article as I was cruising around the red bull music academy website:

Details have been announced for Kode9‘s edition of DJ-Kicks, due for release this June.

The Hyperdub boss took a no-nonsense approach to assembling the mix, compiling what he describes as “just a snapshot of my DJ sets from the first half of 2010.” The tracklist is heavy on UK funky, broken beat, grime and R&B, but surprisingly light on on the genre Kode9 helped vault into widespread popularity: dubstep.

“[The mix is] definitely not an exploration of my musical heritage, but it’s not all new stuff. It probably signifies something about my relationship to dubstep that the mix only has a few dubstep tunes in it… Unfortunately, I fear some listeners, because of my background, will think that all the tracks are just mutations of dubstep.”

In addition to tracks by Aardvarck, Digital Mystikz, Zomby and Cooly G, the mix will feature an exclusive track by Kode9, entitled “You Don’t Wash.” The compilation will be the third installment of DJ-Kicks this year, following contributions by The Juan Maclean and James Holden.

01. Lone – Once In A While
02. Aardvarck – Revo
03. Kode9 – Blood Orange
04. Kode9 – You Don’t Wash (Dub) (DJ-KiCKS exclusive)
05. Cooly G – Phat Si
06. Ill Blu – Bellion
07. Ikonika – Heston
08. Scratcha DVA – Jelly Roll
09. Mr Mageeka – Different Lekstrix
10. Grievous Angel – Move Down Low
11. Sticky feat. Natalie Storm – Look Pon Me
12. Sticky – Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
13. Mujava – Pleaze Mugwanti
14. DVA – Natty
15. Aardvarck – Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz Released Mix)
16. Morgan Zarate feat. Sarah Ann Webb – M.A.B.
17. Rozzi Daime – Dirty Illusions
18. Zomby – Spiralz
19. Kode9 – It
20. J*DaVeY – Mr. Mister
21. Digital Mystikz – 2 Much Chat
22. Terror Danjah – Stiff
23. Digital Mystikz – Mountain Dread March
24. Zomby – Godzilla
25. Digital Mystikz – Mountain Dread March (Reprise)
26. Addison Groove – Footcrab
27. Kode9 vs. LD – Bad
28. Maddslinky – Cargo
29. Ramadanman – Work Them
30. Terror Danjah – Bruzin (VIP)
31. The Bug feat. Flo Dan – Run

!K7 will release Kode9’s DJ-Kicks on June 22nd, 2010


While we patiently await this mix, go buy his book ‘sonic warfare (good read so far) or listen to the newest DJ Kicks : Juan Maclean



mmm butter, sleazy rnb

August 12, 2009


spreading the love, warp  has leaked a new track/teaser from hudson mohawke’s upcoming album Butter, set to be released in October.  

his description of the new direction:

“…my attempt at a sort of prog rock meets vintage soul meets sleazy R’n’B aesthetic – Isaac Hayes ‘hot buttered soul’. ” – Hudson Mohawke

RISING 5   get it!

very nice!



July 19, 2009

ramp recordings has been killing it this year with their releases.  labels with consistent niche approaches are always the most exciting to follow and ramp definitely falls into this category with their own brand of “wonky” dubstep.  foremost amongst much talent on the imprint is slugabed, the 19 year old Bath beat machine.  young cats schooling the field, this music is some rudeboy fiya!


Slugabed – Lets Go Swimming

LaRoux – In for the kill (Slugabed rekindle)

slugabeatmix  10min

and then there is the rick james track, limited pressing out now on stuff.  my only regret from the projections show is not playing this record.  love it


rick james – superfreak (slugabed remix)  clip


&&&  stay tuned for the zomby one foot ahead of the other release out this summer on ramp.




April 11, 2009


apparat + modeselektor = moderat



DOOM . . .all caps . . .all big letters but it ain’t no acronym

March 18, 2009

MF DOOM is back! (now just DOOM)

maskDOOM! although I am still waiting to the follow up to madvillainy (still in my list of top 10 cds eva), this one should definately tide me over! to be released on lex records next week, this one is sure to be a pleaser.  DOOM – Born Like This features DOOM himself, along with Ghostface, Raekwon and others.  beats by Dilla, Jake One and the supervillain himself.  just the news of this release has me giddy, and I know I will have DOOM aka. MF DOOM, Viktor Vaughn, Zev Love X, King Geedorah, Metal Fingers, Supervillain, Daniel Dumile, KMD (one of the members) on my stereo for a month straight!

I am no good at describing this hip hop icon so check out the cartoon/beer loving man behind the mask below

some treatz that I found floating around the net.. . .lots of z’s but definately no zzz’s.  already got this one on order

cellz gazzillion-ear supervillainz mf_ballskin1


Big year for old friends!

February 8, 2009

Our old friends junior boys and royksopp are coming out with new albums this year! The Royksopp album is called: ‘junior’ and the junior boys album is called ‘begone dull care’. Both albums are due out on March 23, 2009 so watch for them!

Both of there singles are out, so I thought I would share them…

we are so emo

we are so emo


grey is the new black

grey is the new black

here is the boys noize remix of the first single happy up here



The Whitest Boy Alive

January 27, 2009

Erlend Oye is back!  The Whitest Boy Alive has a new album coming out (March 09?).  This is not my typical post so don’t hate me.  The Whitest Boy Alive as been out since the early to mid 00’s and is a live touring indie/electronica band.  Here is a song I snagged off of their upcoming album (Rules).

Nice tuesday morning happy/pop dance!