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January 9, 2009


just got back from a trip to the east coast where I was lucky enough to hear some really great music on NYE.  perfect way to spend the first 6 hours of 09!  this was the third time seeing drop the lime in the last year and he killed it again.  every performance gets better! other than the needles bouncing from too much bass he really brought it.  highlight for me was hearing ‘where’s my money’ on a big system (secretly I would start with this song if I dj’d new years eve).  drop the lime even backspun the track (for me I am sure. . . ) can’t forget Michna! seems to be a name we will see more and more of! MATTHEW DEAR! I got to see him live! I have been a huge fan for years, so this was icing on the cake.  to be honest, it was kind of weird going from drop the lime playing new drum and bass and singing and pumping his fists to matthew dear playing (really nice) housetechnominimal.  but the crowd started bumping and dancing right away nonetheless.


here are some messy vids and some music for you!

(if this vid works. . .it’s Drop the Lime comming on at 330am in NYC! YES!)



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