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put a donk on it

March 9, 2009

put a donk on it!

ok, i have donked this song 10 times on my stereo today, and now it’s on donk on my brain.  all day, all I do is put a donk on it.  I put a donk on my spaghetti at dinner, I put a donk on my laundry, I placed a donk on my neighbors doorstep and I plan to put a donk on my cornflakes tomorrow morning.

what is donk? I donk know but it’s catchy.  here at le.tanque we have a track record of ALWAYS putting up quality material.  In fact, I think we are 100% for great tunes.  I think I just lowered our rating with this post. . .but I had too.  you would all do the same!

actually, I learned about donk over at and am apparently wayyy behind on this one.  more dance music coming out of britain.  basically it’s high speed happy house (hardcore?), and everyone in northern great britain loves it.  to go to a donk party, it looks like you have to be a 12-15 year old, or a big donk who takes steroids and dances with his shirt off.  oh yeah, you need a fake tan and short hair. good thing I just got a haircut cuz now I can donk out all night!  150bpm madness with donk rapping over it.

put a donk on it