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the rinse out – calgary

October 31, 2009



here are some other calgary dooods running a similar blog to letanque.  sweet!

not only do they run a blog, but they actually have a regular night on fridays at a pub called Lord Nelsons. if you are in calgary check it out!  the night is called modern math.


midweek music

October 28, 2009

i’ve been absent from the ol’ innernetsphere but I am back! more text next time, but for now here are some tracks that I am really into.  what does that Dizz1 track sample?


konotakosuke-yaro (Dizz1)

Aidys_Girl_s_A_Computer_Original_Mix (great track from Darkstar – go buy the 5 years of hyperdub record!!)

L-Vis 1990 – Compass (Christian Martin Remix) (this song reminds me of 2002 for some reason)



Feed the Horse (dubstep remix)

April 10, 2009


for Diana: I never got this song out of my head since you first posted it! I came across this track on another blog and thought of you. . .


Blackula’s Back

March 25, 2009

Detroit Grand Pubahs have been getting tonnes of play on the internet and in the clubs lately . . .which is great! I must be getting old, because I clearly remember watching the video for sandwiches on Too Much for Much a long time ago.  And it’s still in my head up until this day! I guess it’s spread around like wildfire because a) it’s a great, catchy tune or b) they are trying to plug for their new mix tape.  Looks like it is out now or sometime soon on a compilation called Detroit Connection PT. 4.  Search it!  I am helping the cause.  Here’s a fun track

While watching this I read their myspace.  They are from buttopolis, switzerland.  Their band members are:

DIRECTIONS TO BUTTOPOLIS… I’ll give you directions. Head for Uranus then make a right at the first two moons. Then keep straight for 1 black hole with space gas, left at the gulon then one ahead galaxy and you’re at Planet X. If you go another light year you’ll end up in Buttopolis.

Caspa in Calgary

March 8, 2009

Last weekend I got a chance to go see Caspa live in Calgary.  And he killed it! Playing at Fabric in London the night before, he impressed the crowd by keeping his music loud and his mixes tight! I was proud of Calgary – huge crowd and everyone knew the songs.  He rocked an all vinyl show and played all the new bangers and old favorites.  The other headliners where locals Slim Pickins/Instinct/Soundboy Murda who definitely represented.

DJ Eleven, also Calgary local, brought the party up a notch (they had to turn her down she was so banging!).  Apparently it was her birthday to boot.  Check out her facebook page here


Also, check out Excision’s facebook page. . .he played before Caspa and got everyone dancing.  Glitch hop, dubstep, drum and bass. . .basically loud music! Way to go for Calgary talent! Hopefully I can find some tracks from these two and get them posted on letanque.


Here are some Caspa tracks from around the blogs to keep you coming back






Taz Buckfaster

January 28, 2009

People have been asking about the tracks in le.tanque radio #3 by taz buckfaster. . .here they are.  Check out this guy


brand new music to me (I must be behind) but I think it’s gold! it’s that mid level wobble sound at it’s best (wubstep?)  His myspace says he is from Glascow and is friends with Starkey. . .works for me!

buy it here!




The Whitest Boy Alive

January 27, 2009

Erlend Oye is back!  The Whitest Boy Alive has a new album coming out (March 09?).  This is not my typical post so don’t hate me.  The Whitest Boy Alive as been out since the early to mid 00’s and is a live touring indie/electronica band.  Here is a song I snagged off of their upcoming album (Rules).

Nice tuesday morning happy/pop dance!