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soom t

March 8, 2010

random purchase for the hook becomes every night rotation.  where have i heard that voice before?

slept on:

Bus ft. Soom T – Keep Life Right [Dabrye Remix]

Tolcha, Soom T – What About Us (Al Haca Burial)

2010 best EP nominee:

Soom T/Disrupt – Survivor

Soom T/Disrupt – Doobie Dee Doo

oh sad to be north american, apparently her tour with disrupt is killing europe right now


alias collision

July 25, 2009

todd osborn = osborne = soundmurderer


Osborne – Ruling  (beautiful micro house)

Soundmurderer – Badman (ak47 furious jungle)



tadd mullinix = dabrye  = sk1


Tadd Mullinix – The Letter  (ambient blips)

dabrye – Gimme Lowlands  (go west young man)

dabrye – hyped up plus tax   (static metronome)



Soundmurderer & SK-1 – Call Da Police






(ckxu shesaid favourite)

cLOUDDEAD – Pop Song


keys and keypads

June 4, 2009

ryan leslie on keys over lil wayne’s lollipop

Ryan Leslie – Break This Down

Ryan Leslie – One In A Million

exile from LA working out the pads… chip tune MPC madness

and an absolute destruction/reinvention of dabyre and jay dee’s game over

Exile – Extra FUNK

Exile – In Love