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dark glitch-ridden soundscapes

February 22, 2009

desertWhile their latest album isn’t quite so hot-off-the-presses anymore – Immolate Yourself was released in January – it’s still making obsessively regular appearances in my daily music rotation.

This album kills me. At times painfully beautiful, it pops and drones in a dreamy haze of sound. With a slight nod to shoegaze and hints of – dare I say it – IDM, it sucks you into an otherworld of shadowy ambient pop. It feels like the open road, a barren desert, long trips on a rural train. But it’s also warm, epic, and urban.

“Helen of Troy” and “You Are The Worst Thing In The World” are two of my faves. As is this one:


Tragically, one of the members of this talented duo died the same month this album was released. Charles Cooper will be missed.


grime yum yummy

December 11, 2008

arctic outskirts of house

November 22, 2008

Luomo’s new album does not disappoint. Still makes me want to frolic among the reindeer in the arctic tundra. It’s a cold sound. It’s a silver ice sound. It’s a keep moving-cos-it’s-fucking-cold-so-shake-your-ass sound. It’s all about crossing the boundaries of house. This ain’t no boring 4-4 drivel. And, the vocals are epic. As big as the open nordic skies. Always. Check ’em out:




the crunch of leaves …

October 17, 2008

… and the warm vocals of Milosh. That’s what October is all about for me. You’ve probably heard his track in the Ghostly Swim comp, but his album III is worth a good, hard listen. His silky, soulful lyrics make you wanna cry for the rain, the shadows. And the bits o’ beat and bloopy tech wrap around the human voice like a heavy knit cardigan. Sweet. Modern. Clean.

hold my breath

another day


favela fresh

August 3, 2008



a little bit o’ bass

July 10, 2008

These guys are hit and miss, and sometimes a little too hippy, but Blow is a strong track. Check out their MySpace profile.

I’ve heard them described as “omni-tempo maximalism” – sweet!