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no regrets…

July 21, 2009

July 09 245

Projections was one sweet Art Show with great music pumping all night long! Thanks Flexisonic! Here’s 3 songs I don’t regret playing, sure, call it borderline cheesy dubstep, but it’s still sexy!

I Remember- Deadmau5 (Caspa Remix)

Nothing’s Wrong- Subscape

Death- White Lies (Chase & Status Remix)

July 09 305

Awesome art, great vibes, good people.


xlr8r discovers another jem

March 10, 2009

These guys are in heavy rotation at my place these days. How to did I find them… the trusty xlr8r podcast of course, big things are coming for jahdan blakkamoore, dj rupture, and team shadetek!





Caspa in Calgary

March 8, 2009

Last weekend I got a chance to go see Caspa live in Calgary.  And he killed it! Playing at Fabric in London the night before, he impressed the crowd by keeping his music loud and his mixes tight! I was proud of Calgary – huge crowd and everyone knew the songs.  He rocked an all vinyl show and played all the new bangers and old favorites.  The other headliners where locals Slim Pickins/Instinct/Soundboy Murda who definitely represented.

DJ Eleven, also Calgary local, brought the party up a notch (they had to turn her down she was so banging!).  Apparently it was her birthday to boot.  Check out her facebook page here


Also, check out Excision’s facebook page. . .he played before Caspa and got everyone dancing.  Glitch hop, dubstep, drum and bass. . .basically loud music! Way to go for Calgary talent! Hopefully I can find some tracks from these two and get them posted on letanque.


Here are some Caspa tracks from around the blogs to keep you coming back






La Roux

February 18, 2009

Remixing young hot English girls is so hot right now!

Last week was Lily Allen and Hervé, this week is La Roux and Skream.




The Count saves Lily Allen from the Fear remix

February 2, 2009

Thisimages  is nothing but Hot!




heard it first in Cambodia

January 31, 2009


not sure if I totally missed the ball on this one

but I heard this Dark Matter compelation in  Asia

 and I am bringing it home.

1. Rekordah & Tekblazer – Milenna
2. DJ Shnyde – Swallow
3. Distinct – Violence
4. Pure( – It’s inside the rizzla
5. Matt Green – Moment of Clarity, remix
6. D-Program – Cali Love
7. Pinch – One Blood, One Source ft. Rudey Lee
8. Subeena – D.I.G.
9. Dot – Fire Red
10. Sollabong – Human Trade
11. Sollabong – Fight and Destroy
12. Paradigm X – Whatever
13. Slazenger – Fistfight Nightz
14. Slazenger – 8 Ball, Dutty Dubz remix
15. Whiteboi – Numb
16. Whiteboi – Lotus
17. Whiteboi – Corruption
18. Whiteboi – Arise
19. King Cannibal – A Hundred Eyes Closed
20. King Cannibal – Call me Mr Cold Blooded


starkey – ephemeral exhibits

January 14, 2009


this one album has been on loop since I bought (*gasp) it before the new year.  I even went out of my way (time zone) to purchase this on vinyl.  all I can say is – Starkey rules.  american dubstep, street bass, philly whatever. . .I am always impressed.  definately on the list of top producers, and for sure on the list of ‘to-see’ acts.

anyways, enough hype.  check out this track, it is number 1


buy it somewhere (