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midweek music

November 13, 2009

under construction: chyder

the last two weeks I have been bouncing back and forth between downtown city life and rural footshills life.  one night finds me dodging vehicles, stop lights and late night partyers on my bicycle, the next finds me bombing down lease roads avoiding gravel and oil trucks in the north.  following are a bunch of songs that sound good whether gazing up at tower construction or searching in the dark for power plant signs.  all the following have been on repeat in the truck, hope you find them satisfying! first is one from a guy panda slap introduced me too – faulty dl.  this guy rules! next are a couple of tracks that are all over the blogs that are great listens (joy orbinson and an xx remix of florence and the machine).  lastly is a moderat remix done by untold (basically my favorite guy at the moment!) how can you go wrong – modeselektor with apparat remixed by untold.  wow.

01 Human Meadow

01 Hyph Mngo